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We'll explain briefly how the Spanish electricity sector works and how, we at Holaluz, we work to make it more sustainable. Electricity producers, companies (or marketers), transporters and distributors, who's who?

You're free to choose your power company

In the electricity sector, there are two types of companies: those regulated by the Government and those participating in the free market, like Holaluz. You can make your own choice, just like when you choose your phone company or internet service provider.

By participating in the free market, here at Holaluz we can offer you products and rates that are more suited to your lifestyle and your home without any dependencies.

Obviously, we have the necessary permits and accreditations to sell energy throughout the national market. And we've been doing so since 2008.

We know what we're doing
We have all the permits and accreditations necessary to sell electrical energy at the national level.

The R2-408 accreditation code confirms that we are an electricity company, accredited by Red Eléctrica de España (Spanish Electrical Grid) and by the Spanish Electrical Market Operator to serve all clients at the national level.

You can consult the Official List of Electrical Energy Marketers from the National Energy Commission on the following link:

Official List of Energy Marketers

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