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Tell us about your business and we'll help you find a rate that suits your needs, with the commitment of offering you our best price, with no minimum contracts and the certainty that you are always purchasing green energy

Rates for businesses with special needs

All of our clients are special. But only certain cases are special.

High voltage

If your business is located in an industrial building, is a car dealership or depends on a production chain, your rate is a case that requires a specialized review.


If you have a company with different offices or properties, we can advise you on how to do it more simply, without any commitment.

Neighborhood Association.

Are you a building administrator? In order to prevent headaches, and save you time and money we have developed a series of online tools which will make your life easier.

No discounts, no surprises.
No minimum contracts, no binds. It's only a question of commitment.
  • We don't offer any discounts because we don't believe in them. In Holaluz we guarantee that you will always have fair and honest prices on your electricity rate and a contract with no fine print.
  • We don't have any minimum contract lengths, because we work hard so that you'll want to stay. You're free.

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