Variable Indexed Dual-Price Rate 2.1

This electricity rate has one price for peak hours and another for off-peak hours. This is intended for companies which make intensive use of the electricity during the more economical hours of the day.

This rate divides the day into two time frames and you'll pay the energy at a higher or lower price based on the time. You have the option to reduce your costs if you concentrate 70% of the energy cost in the off-peak period.

Energy Price Power Price
Variable part
Fixed part
Peak Hourly market price 0.115236€/kW 0.121766€/kW
Off-peak Hourly market price 0.0459421€/kW
Valid from December 15, 2015
ETU Order/1282/2017, of December 22, determining the electricity energy access tolls for 2018.
Your bill always reflects certain costs that have nothing to do with your electricity company: meter rental, VAT and electrical taxes.
Day Night

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Peak price:
Energy: 0.155000€/kWh
Power: 0.104229 €/kW
Off-peak price:
Energy: 0.079000€/kWh
Power: 0.104229 €/kW

Let us assess your situation

Signing up for variable energy price rates requires a bit of consultation so that you can make the best decision: send us your details and we'll assess your situation.

Why choose a variable Dual-Price rate

The option with a variable price is for clients who assume risks and think that it's worth to go for the savings at play.

  • If your margins are independent

    If the electricity bill doesn't have a major impact on your company's margins, perhaps you can go with a variable price expecting that, over the months, the wholesale price may end up being a bit lower than the fixed price option. It's not an exact science.

  • Wholesale price, real price

    You'll pay market price for electricity. That is, at the cost price and based on the 8760 prices which may come from calculating 24h a day, 365 days a year.

  • Controlling risks

    We set a part of the price so that you only have to assume a part of the risk. You'll pay the energy costs and we'll turn all the rest into fixed costs.

  • The history of risk points to the possibility for more savings

    The electricity market has natural and seasonal curves but experience and data tell us that the variable price ends up being approximately 5% cheaper than the average fixed price.

  • Green energy

    Having a more environmentally responsible company costs nothing more than just joining Holaluz. If you want, we'll give you a seal that accredits your company as a 100% green energy user.

Tell us about your business and we'll help you find a rate

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