Special Rates

There are cases which require different attention because their features are different. All clients are equally important, but they don't all need the same thing.

Do you have a high voltage installation?

If your business is located in an industrial building, is a car dealership or requires a production chain, this rate is almost certainly for you.

  • Tailor-made Price

    We'll give you a personalized rate, with no discounts or fine print.

  • Personalized attention

    You'll speak directly with your personal advisor. Because being by your side and explaining you things clearly and simply is part of our way of being.

  • Energy report

    We'll create a detailed study of your needs, completely free of charge. We'll guarantee you our best price and also the possibility of saving up to 30% on your bill without having to do anything. Send us a bill and you'll receive your personalized study.

  • A question of commitment

    To serve the clients with great energy demand, we have to be greatly committed in the market. And to do so, you'll also need to be committed with us.

  • Green energy

    We promote the use of renewable energies to respect the environment and to build a cleaner and more responsible world. This is what we and our clients want.

We know that each company is its own world. So we offer you information and personalized assessment to resolve any doubt that you may have. Call us whenever you want at 931 222 447, send us a recent bill or simply ask us to call you.

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Other rates for your business

Dual-Price Rate

Rate which distinguishes between 2 different times of day

With this rate you have to take the time of day into account in order to optimize your savings, as the off-peak hours have a more economical energy price than during peak hours.

Three-Price Rate

Rate which distinguishes between 3 different times of day

A rate for companies which have different electricity usage throughout the day, which offers vary economic prices in off-peak hours and very competitive prices during the peak time frame.

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