The chain effect

The chain effect is a project and challenge in which you (yes, you!) play the starring role. You could be the reason that 100% green energy reaches huge numbers of people, meaning that, working together, we can stop global warming. Did you know that if the planet were to heat up by only 6 degrees, it would become uninhabitable?

You can help us connect the world and keep the global temperature down

It's been proven: if you send someone a message, and they send it to someone else, and so on and so forth, within a chain of just six degrees (or people) your message could reach anyone in the whole world. Yes, really. Absolutely anyone. That means that, together, we can start a ripple effect. We can spread the good vibes, and the positive energy, and help stop global warming. And to do that, we really need your help.

For every person you connect to Holaluz, we will reward you both with a minimum of €30. Moreover, you will also be rewarded with new invitations to keep sharing your code.

Can't remember your code?

We'll send it to you


This is how the chain effect works:

Every time someone else chooses green energy because of you (directly or indirectly), you’re both helping to change the world.

In your Client Zone you’ll find your code and your special codes, if you have any available. You can read all about how this works in the legal terms and conditions.


You can share your code or one of the special codes.

Each code includes a €30 reward and a set number of invitations. The more people you share it with, the bigger the ripple effect you'll have.


The more your chain grows, the more invitations you'll get.

Every person that uses your code (and starts using Holaluz's 100% green energy) will join your chain and, together, you'll help stop the planet's average temperature from rising. If they, in turn, invite more friends, then your chain will keep growing, and you'll get new invitations to give out. But don't hang around, because the invites expire!


You and your friend will both get a reward.

When someone joins the chain, the two of you will both get a reward of at least €30 as a thank you for your commitment to the cause. It will be paid directly into your bank accounts when the other person gets their first bill from Holaluz.