Dual-Price Electricity Rate

Rate with one price for peak hours and another for off-peak hours.

With this rate you have to take the time of day into account in order to optimize your savings, as the off-peak hours have a more economical energy price than during peak hours.

Energy Price Power Price
Peak price 0.170000 €/kWh 0.121766 €/kW
Off-peak price 0.097000 €/kWh
Valid from August 8th, 2018
ETU Order/1282/2017, of December 22, determining the electricity energy access tolls for 2018.
Your bill always reflects certain costs that have nothing to do with your electricity company: meter rental, VAT and electrical taxes.
Day Night

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Peak price
Off-peak price

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Why choose a Dual-Price rate

If your house's electricity usage can be easily predicted and you don't have a set schedule to use your appliances, take advantage of the more economical off-peak hours to use them.

  • The best option to save

    Optimize your savings by using the majority of your electricity during the off-peak hours (the time that has the more economical price).

  • Pre-bill

    A few days before sending you the bill, we'll let you know about the amount that we'll charge you in the bank so that you can confirm that everything is correct. That's fair energy.

  • Optimized power

    When registering you, we'll advise you on the power most suited to your needs so that you can save on your bill. That way, you'll have even greater savings. Because if you've never trimmed back, maybe now is the time to reduce the contracted power, right?

  • What do you have to do?

    Nothing, relax. We'll manage the contract and the change of company and you can forget about your concerns.

Tell us how you want to save and we'll help you find a rate

Other rates for your home

Single-Price Rate

Single price with no variations throughout the day

Have peace of mind with our single price rate and let us take care of your billing if you please.

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