Electric Car Rate

Because fair light also includes electric vehicle. Did you know that with Holaluz you can drive 100 km for only € 0.90? Your life changes with an electric vehicle and that's why your electric rate also does it.

Special Electric Car Rate

  • Rate with different time frames in order to have a super price.

    This rate is especially designed for people who need to take the greatest advantage of the more economical night time hours to recharge their electrical vehicle. Leave home with your battery always fully charged.

  • Green energy

    We only have 100% green energy

  • You're free

    No minimum periods or additional costs

  1. Electric car graphic less than 10kW Find out how much you'll pay

  2. Electric car graphic from 10kW to 15kw Find out how much you'll pay

Valid from September 4th, 2019. TEC Order/1366/2018, of December 20, determining the electricity energy access tolls for 2019. Items that your bill always includes: meter rental, cost corresponding to energy benefits, VAT and electricity taxes.

The tax levied on supply in the Canary Islands is the Canary Islands Indirect General Tax (IGIC). It is 7% on the rent of the meter and 3% for consumption by companies, self-employed, and homes with a contracted power greater than 10kW. Finally, it taxes with 0% of the consumption made by homes with powers less than or equal to 10 kW. On the other hand, in Ceuta and Melilla they have the Tax on Production, Services, and Imports of the cities of Ceuta and Melilla (IPSI), which taxes 8% of the service in Ceuta and 4% in Melilla.

Join the sustainable mobility with the best rate for your electric vehicle

  • 100% easy

    Because switching to Holaluz is very simple. Have your switch done in 3 minutes, we'll take care of everything for you: from processing the withdrawal of your previous company to take the green energy that changes things to your home and your vehicle.

  • 100% green

    Using 100% green energy and promoting sustainable mobility are small gestures that today make the difference toward a new energy model and a new way of understanding the world and the well-being of others.

  • 100% for you

    You will have the best price during the night hours so you can charge your car and have it ready for the next day with the battery to the maximum. Wherever you go, it's your thing.

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