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Your 100% green electricity tariff

Are you thinking of changing your electricity company? At Holaluz we have the perfect electricity tariff for you, adapted to your home and 100% green, without permanence or ties.

Perfect electricity rates for every home

Fair Tariff, the flat tariff

With this electricity tariff you pay the same every month, whatever you consume (in a responsible way, of course).

  • Forget about the price of electricity.

  • Avoid seasonal peaks in consumption.

  • No balance sheets or cost overruns.

Classic Tariff

With this electricity tariff you pay at the end of the month what you have consumed, as you have always done.

💡 By activating your pre-invoice, you will know in advance how much you will pay on your bill (and if you don't agree, we change it).

You can contract your electricity online but, if you want, we can help you choose the best electricity rate for your home. Call us on 900670707 . It's free 😉

Your electricity contract at a click

To enjoy your fully customized electricity quota with Holaluz you only need 3 minutes and to have your home address at hand.

☝️ And if what you need is an electricity and gas contract, ask about the complementary natural gas service for our electricity customers.

Leave us your phone and we'll call you whenever you want

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Electricity bill simulator

Now you can calculate your electricity bill and find out how much you can save with our personalised tariffs each month.

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