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Can the cost of energy be fair? At Holaluz it is. Join the fair energy revolution, with the electricity company that lets you know exactly the cost per kWh; lets you pay only for what you need, and no more. A fair price on your bill, as it should be; without any restrictions or small print.

Cheap energy on your bill

It’s possible! At Holaluz we offer electricity rates that are personalized for you, so that you only pay for what you use, and not a penny more.

Always know how much you are paying

At the end of the month, we will always send you an estimate of your bill, which gives you the chance to double check your energy usage, and correct the bill if necessary.

Save with green energy

All our energy is 100% certified green energy. Renewable energy, although it may not seem it, is much more economical and with it you can help change the world.

Moreover, at Holaluz you choose your energy price and the rate that suits you best

Single-Price Electricity Rate

Single-Price Electricity Rate

With the Solo Energy Rate, say goodbye to clock-watching. Enjoy our best price for energy 24/7 on your bill

Dual-Price Electricity Rate

Dual-Price Electricity Rate

A rate with time restrictions; one price for peak times and another price for off-peak times.

The energy tariff that suits you

Holaluz has the energy tariff that suits you so you always have the best rate on you bill.

Always pay a low price for your electricity, and join in with those who truly change the world with 100% renewable energy.
Join the fair energy revolution

Holaluz is an electricity company with more than 100.000 customers who opt for a new energy model. For that reason, we believe in electric mobility, self-consumption and energy storage.

If you don’t invest in the stock market,
why invest in energy costs?

The electricity market works, in a way, like the stock market. Every hour the cost of electricity, the price per kWh, varies in relation to supply and demand. Energy costs today will always differ from energy costs tomorrow. This gives us a total of 8,760 different prices throughout the year.

At Holaluz, we work for your peace of mind

And because of this we always offer a fixed price on your bills, so that there is always low cost energy, no matter what time you use your energy. So, forget about clock-watching and prices that differ per hour, and concentrate solely on saving month by month; 100% green energy savings!

Join the fair energy revolution and discover an electricity company that lets you see things differently

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Save with 100% green energy

A personalised electrical rate

No surprise on your bills

No exceptions or minimum contracts

You can change even if you’re not a homeowner


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