Energy Benefits

As of the October 2018, some 1,800,000 people will no longer be eligible for the energy benefits and lose the current discount on their energy bills. All of those who benefited from the energy benefits due to having grid-connected power of lower than 3kW (a good example of this being people who had a second home by the beach or in the mountains) will now lose it!

If you are no longer eligible for the energy benefits, you will be put on the PVPC tariff (The Voluntary Price for the Small Consumer tariff), like that of other consumers in regulated markets. This means, a substantial increase of approximately 33% in your energy bills. In this instance, you can change to the free market and choose a company that offers you a price that is always consistent (much cheaper than the PVPC, and one that helps you save on your bill.)

The new Energy Benefits and its requirements

Until now, the Energy Benefits Tariff was a discount (within the regulated tariff) on the bills of those consumers who met at least one of the following requirements: having a large family; being a pensioner over the age of 60 (with only a pension as income), being part of a household in which all members are unemployed, or using less than 3kW grid-connected power.

In October 2017 the conditions changed as to who was eligible for the Energy Benefits. They eliminated the previous requirements (with the exception of the large family tariff which still remains) and also introduced the criteria of differing levels of overall household income.. Only users who have the PVPC tariff contracted with a reference reseller company (in the regulated market) are eligible for the new Energy Benefits, in addition to those who meet the following requirements:

Main residence

It’s your main residence

You can only benefit from the Social Energy Tariff if you physically live in your main residence (not in your second home)

Level of income

Level of income

Households with no dependents, with an income less than €798. Households with one dependent child and an income no greater than €1065. Households with two dependent children and total income less than €1331.



The supply in the main residence to which you request the Energy Benefits to be applied must have equal to or less than 10kW grid-connected power.

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