The PVPC tariff

The Voluntary Price for the Small Consumer tariff (the PVPC tariff) is the electricity rate you are on if you are in the regulated market and have a variable energy price: it changes every hour, 365 days a year. To be on the PVPC tariff you will be with one of the 5 benchmark energy companies (the traditional energy suppliers) in the regulated market.

On the other hand, there are companies in the free market, like Holaluz, that offer you the stability of a fixed price that is guaranteed for 12 months, and also help you to save.

What is the PVPC Tariff? How will it affect me?

The PVPC tariff, like any electricity rate, is made up of two parts: variable (energy) and fixed (power). The price of energy on the PVPC tariff is unstable; it's determined hour by hour, in a type of electricity stock market. And the price of power (the fixed part) is higher than you would find in free market rates.

A different price every hour

A different price every hour

You will have a different price for your energy, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Leeway in the energy standing charge

Leeway in the energy standing charge

Compared to some free market companies you will have a higher price on the fixed part of your bill: the energy standing charge.

Regulated market

Regulated market

The PVPC tariff is only offered by the 5 benchmark energy companies in the regulated market.


Holaluz customers paid less on their energy bill in 2017 than those who are on the PVPC tariff.

Is the PVPC tariff good for me?

The price of the PVPC energy tariff in 2017 was higher than forecast due to the dramatic increase in prices in the wholesale energy market. Additionally, the PVPC tariff has a higher energy standing charge than that stipulated in the Official State Gazette (the BOA), as well as the standing charges offered by some of the free market companies. The bad news is that the future forecast is for energy prices to continue to increase.

At Holaluz, we don't recommend the PVPC tariff (for domestic use customers) as the uncertainty of whether you may save some Euros, is not worth the risk of ending up paying far more you need to pay.
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The PVPC tariff and regulated prices; or fixed prices and the free market?

The million dollar question! As we explained, in 2017 the PVPC tariff ended up on a high rate (€52.24/MWh) and, according to our studies based on market data, forecasts state it will continue to increase (up to €52.50/MWh). If you like risks, it is always an option to consider (if our estimates were wrong, and prices decrease then you will really be able to save some euros). However, if you want to have a peaceful life and not have to worry about the cost of your electricity every hour, you can find a solution: in the free market.

At Holaluz our prices are fixed, and guaranteed for 12 months, and our standing charge is the regulatory minimum. In addition to this, you will benefit from green energy and have the chance to join an electricity company that allows you peace of mind, always advising you of your best option.

Comparing 2017 energy bills: the PVPC tariff vs. Holaluz*

As you can see, the months in which you use more electricity are those in which the PVPC tariff bills show a higher amount (because the price of energy increases). In addition to this, bear in mind that the PVPC electricity tariff has a higher cost in the fixed part of the bill (the standing charge for the PVPC is €42.04/kW, while with Holaluz it is €38.04/kW).

The PVPC tariff: bill costs/per month with the PVPC tariff.

Holaluz: bill costs/per month with Holaluz.

Compared with monthly bills of a single person with standard energy consumption. Based on a yearly electricity usage of 3,000 kWh and contracted energy of 4.6 kW.

How can I set up an account with Holaluz?

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