We only offer renewable energy

At Holaluz, we are working to change the energy sector by investing in a new model based on renewable energies. All the energy we buy from renewable energy producers is 100% green, so the more customers that join our vision of the world; the more we will help the planet. It’s possible to save money while taking care of the planet, and enjoy an electricity tariff that adapts to you, not the other way about.

100% Renewable Energy

At Holaluz we only offer green energy that we buy from local producers. We certify that our energy comes only from renewable sources via the CNMC (National Commission on Markets and Competition).

Fair Energy

Because saving is as simple as having a personalized rate tailored to your needs and the needs of your home. It makes sense, don't you think?


We support self-consumption and we stand up for all electricity consumers so they have the right to generate their own energy using solar panels.

How can we confirm that we only offer renewable energy?

Renewable energy

We buy energy from renewable energy producers

We buy the energy our customers need from the energy market on a daily basis. And we make sure that we only deal with producers of renewable energies.

Certified by CNMC (National Commission on Markets and Competition)

The CNMC certifies that our energy is 100% green.

Every six months, the National Commission on Markets and Competition certifies that 100% of the energy sold by Holaluz is from renewable sources.

Become your energy's owner

At Holaluz we want to join you on your journey towards a different energy model. By starting with renewable energy and having real control of your own energy use.

Why invest in renewable energy?

Because green energy, or energy from renewable sources, comes from natural resources, meaning it is sustainable and in endless supply.
Join the fair energy revolution

Where does the renewable energy we buy come from?

Wind Power

Almost half of the energy we buy is wind power. It's the clean and inexhaustible energy obtained from the force of the wind. By turning the blades of a wind turbine, it transforms the mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Energy Recovery

Almost a quarter of the renewable energy we buy in Holaluz comes from this energy source, perhaps the least known. It's obtained from the energy contained in some waste, such as paper, cardboard, organic waste...


This type of energy is obtained from organic waste and waste that comes from animals, plants or the garbage that we generate in our homes.

Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Part of the energy we buy comes from the sun. We take advantage of its energy through the use of photovoltaic and thermal solar panels.


We obtain a part of the renewable energy that we sell from organic matter of vegetable or animal origin, waste and organic waste.

Hydraulic Energy

This is renewable energy that comes from the accumulation of water in marshes and reservoirs and that, when released at once, produces electrical energy inside a hydroelectric power station.

Join the fair energy revolution and discover an electricity company that lets you see things differently

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