Fair Rate, the only flat fee

We’re offering an agreement as the new way of contracting electricity for domestic use. It’s not just any agreement – it’s a three-way one: you, us and the Planet.

You can now have your first flat installment of personalized light to your needs. This way you know exactly what you pay per month for the electricity of your house and you avoid any unforeseen event. Because we want to simplify your life.

No limits or additional costs at the end of the year; no incomprehensible bills; no worries about programming your washing machine at a ridiculous time of night, or about having to switch off the children’s night light, or about not being able to turn on the air-conditioning during a heat wave.

Forget about worrying how much your electricity bill is going to be, or understanding concepts such as kilowatt-hours, time-of-use tariffs or power capacity terms. This is unquestionably the best way of freeing yourself from any worries about your electricity bill and showing your concern for the Planet.

How does the Fair Rate work?

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    Personalized flat rate

    We calculate the rate that best reflects your domestic habits and needs with our technology, based on your consumption figures. We offer an all-inclusive rate (including taxes) so you can forget about any unexpected expenses.

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    No settling of accounts at the end of the year.

    You pay for a domestic electricity service without worrying about having to settle up at the end of every 12 months, or having to work out whether you’ve paid for exactly what you’ve used, or having to plan how you’re going to pay the electricity bill when it arrives.

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    You’ll never overpay

    The Fair Rate is a flat fee with no penalties or extra costs in terms of time limits or energy consumption. You use what you need whenever you need it.

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    Based on trust

    This is the first tariff that trusts in you, and in people like you, to use energy responsibly. We know you’ll rise to the challenge that unites us: protecting the Planet.

Holaluz doesn’t enter agreements with just anybody

Yes, it can be done! It’s possible to have a personalized flat rate for your electricity and at the same time respect the Planet. Because making savings doesn’t mean having to set the washing machine for certain times, and comfort is not synonymous with wastage. It’s about common sense and using energy in a responsible and rational way, according to your needs.

What do we mean by "responsible use"?

With you, we do. We trust people like you.

With the Fait Rate you will pay an unlimited energy flat fee, calculated just for you and adjusted to your needs. No limits or penalties, so you forget you bill.

Easy and simple. Join the fair energy.
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