Personal Experiences

This is the energy that moves us everyday

"Thanks for managing everything so quickly!!! You're very efficient, congratulations."

Miren Josune García Carnicero, Bilbao.

"Congratulations on your work, we've been very happy since we changed over."

Jose Maria Martinez Amat, Alicante

"It is a true pleasure to have people like you on the other side to resolve any incident."

Pascual López Villena, Alicante

"Many thanks for your positive outlook. I'm happy that my comment wasn't taken poorly and I'm grateful that you've treated me well, even sending us a virtual note. I'm used to companies treating their clients poorly, but this isn't the case in Holaluz, where they normally treat you very well and you even make us smile and even laugh sometimes with your messages. Congratulations!"

José Pérez Crespo, Holaluz client

"Bright and beautiful day good people,
Thanks for your ad! I'll spread it by land, sea and air so that there more of us and so that we are stronger to improve almost everything.
It'll be a pleasure to circulate an ad that promotes your necessary and magnificent work."

Angel Villarías Robles, Holaluz client

"Many thanks and congratulations for offering this service directly with clients."

Francisco Javier, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

"So, @Holaluzcom in my house... and now just finishing the contract for the apartment that we have rented .. #OtraLuzEsPosible, that's right. We've been really happy with you since we started at the beginning of the year. And the pre-bill is genius: 11/10."

Sergio - @huorified, Holaluz follower on Twitter

"I just discovered that electricity companies like @Holaluzcom and @PepeEnergy exist and I really regret not knowing about them earlier. Renewable energies, with better prices than traditional companies, no longer purchasing and benefiting fossil fuels in my home..."

Eduardovitch - @edurequesanz, Holaluz follower on Twitter

"You're great! I've been with you for 5 months and I've really noticed the savings. Congratulations and many thanks!"

Rubén Aguilar, Holaluz follower on Facebook

"Fiiinallly!! Fair, transparent companies. Telephone services by people who speak normally and are also friendly and nice, it's the best!! Congratulations!"

Cristina Schintu, Holaluz follower on Facebook

"Thanks for resolving the incident so quickly.
I highly recommend your Customer Service.

Teresa Aznárez Solanas, Holaluz client