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Why does Holaluz believe in self-consumption?

When we said years ago that we wanted self-consumption to be the energy standard, many people found it inconsistent, being an electric company. And, it is true that we sell electricity. But most of all, for 9 years we have had the objective of achieving a 100% energy-sustainable world and that means offering the most efficient and environmentally friendly solutions at all times.

Until a couple of years ago, we were doing that only by marketing renewable energy through our activity of representing renewable producers in the wholesale market. After that, we added a global self-consumption service, from the installation of the panels to the global management of that green energy. We believe that self-consumption is no longer an option but THE SOLUTION.

And it is part of our way of doing things, proving that being a company and making a living from it does not only mean that we cannot do things well for the common good, but that we achieve it precisely thanks to our abilities as a company.

It is a very clear win - win for everyone :)

Do you want to know more about self-consumption? Here you can find all the necessary information.

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