Start changing the world, with your solar panels. Generating your own electrical energy is easy with Holaluz: all you need is a roof.

Why should you install solar panels?

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Save from day one

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Greener than ever

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You own the energy you produce

Two personalised plans

Choose the one that suits you best, and switch to self-consumption in a flash. ;-)

Solar Flexible Plan

It's right for you if...

What does it include?

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Solar Plan

It's right for you if...

What does it include?

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We make it easy

Assessment, and one point of contact

The first step: we'll explain everything to you clearly, so you know you're choosing the best option for you. A totally personalised solution. That's why we'll be your only point of contact for everything to do with your electricity.

Installation and legalization

We take care of the technicalities for you, from the installation to the tedious paperwork to make it all legal. Oh, and if there are subsidies available in your area, then we'll help you apply for them (we like making your life easier). ;-)

Management of the solar power system

We manage both the energy you use and any left over. With the Holaluz Cloud, we pay you for anything you don't use. We also take care of the maintenance of your solar energy system and make sure that everything ticks over perfectly.

Green, and nothing but green

You'll always be connected to energy that's 100% renewable. We guarantee that all the energy you use will be green. Even when you're using electricity that you can't produce with your system (if you have solar panels at home).

Want to produce your own energy?

Great. We'll put together a personalised quote for you and answer any questions you might have (we won't send you spam, promise)

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Holaluz cloud

Holaluz Cloud: a new way of understanding your electricity

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And if you live in a flat...

That way, in the future, you'll be able to enjoy shared self-consumption.

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