Solar Flexible Plan

Pay for your installation in comfortable and flexible instalments.
Take advantage of daytime solar energy and connect to the night grid.

What does it include?

  • Flexible rental payments

    We offer you flexible rental rates up to 20 years. It includes the maintenance of your installation and a 20 year guarantee. You can even decide if you want to advance a part to reduce your rate.

  • Intelligent management of your installation

    We will manage both the energy that you use and the excess that you feed to the grid so that you get the most benefit from your installation. Furthermore, with the maintenance that we include for you, we ensure that you get the best out of your installation.

  • Installation and legalisation of the solar panels

    We truly include everything: equipment, complete installation and always by the best professionals. We also carry out all the administration so that you have a legalised and functioning installation.

  • Saving on each bill

    You will have your photovoltaic installation connected to the grid but you will have a fixed solar rate. A part that is always the same that will not go up in price and a variable part will depend on the use that you make of electricity from the grid.

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Photovoltaic Panel

We make it easy for you! The steps we take:


We assess your home

< 72 h
We produce an assessment prior to the installation and we will inform you personally of everything you need to know before taking out the contract.

We validate your installation

1-2 semanas
We make a visit to your home to gather all the detailed information so we can prepare your customised and final quotation.

We install and legalise

1 - 3 meses
We request the necessary permissions to carry out and legalise your installation, after this, in 2-3 days, you will have solar panels at your home.

We get everything underway

1 mes
We manage the last permissions and deliver everything related to your project to you. Lastly, we press "play" and you start your self-consumption!

Enjoy your installation for ever

You will save from the first moment through producing and using your own energy. We will take charge of the maintenance and remaining administration.

Stories that are changing the world

Lluís, private customer in Barcelona.

Lluís is enjoying Sun Without Surprises

“We let ourselves think that installing solar panels meant we would have to get a mortgage. But when we discovered that it could be paid for in instalments like renting, I decided it sounded like a lot of work but they did everything and the truth is I didn't have to lift a finger.”

Lluís, private customer in Barcelona.

  • Terraced house

  • Committed to the environment

  • Works from home

  • Without initial budget for its installation

  • Initial payment

    0 €

  • Solar Flexible Plan rate

    76 €

  • Saving Holaluz Cloud at 30 years

    1.675 €

  • Saving self-consumption at 30 yeras

    16.364 €

  • Total saving at 30 years

    18.039 €

89 €

Previous bill

76 €

51 €

New bill

  • Previous consumption bill (without self-consumption)

  • Solar Flexible Plan rate

  • Grid consumption (when not self-consuming)

Customised study

Discover that to be self-consumer and be the owner of your own energy is very simple. Ask for your customised assessment and we will offer the solution that is best suited to you.
Ask for your own assessment