Single-Price Electricity Rate

With the Single-Price Rate, forget about watching the clock.
Enjoy our best price on your bill 24 hours a day.

This rate does not include peak or off-peak prices or prices based on the time of day. Enjoy our best price and we'll take care of managing your contract in the best way to guarantee the lowest price possible.

Fixed Energy Price: The energy price won't change, you'll have the same price for 12 months. For homes which vary energy usage.

Energy Price Power Price
24 hours 0.123000 €/kWh 0.104229 €/kW
Valid from August 8th, 2018
ETU Order/1282/2017, of December 22, determining the electricity energy access tolls for 2018.
Your bill always reflects certain costs that have nothing to do with your electricity company: meter rental, VAT and electrical taxes.

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Why choose a Single-Price rate

If you improvise and you come and go from home as you please, this is the electricity rate for you. Get the greatest savings possible, while being sure of paying a minimum price 24 hours a day. With green energy of course.

  • The lowest price

    Let us manage everything that has to do with your electricity contract, we'll take care of providing you the best option. In other words: we'll look for the ways to save, you'll benefit from them. That's fair energy.

  • What do you have to do?

    Nothing, relax. We'll manage your contract and you can forget about your concerns and rates. No need to watch the clock: you'll have one price 24/7. With that being said, we may need your help if during the change over process we need any documentation.

  • We'll cover the costs.

    Switching power companies is a good time to optimize your current conditions. You may enjoy greater savings by optimizing your power usage profile.
    When we calculate your personalized rate, we'll propose cost-saving measures if it's possible to lower your rate at no extra cost.

  • Pre-bill

    A few days before sending you the bill, we'll let you know the amount that we'll bill you so that you can confirm that everything is correct. That's fair energy.

Tell us how you want to save and we'll help you find a rate

Other rates for your home

Dual-Price Rate

Rate which distinguishes between 2 different times of day

With this rate you have to take the time of day into account in order to optimize your savings, as the off-peak hours have a more economical energy price than during peak hours.

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