Smart batteries

With Holaluz, and the smart battery, take the first step to being in control of your own energy.

Store your energy and use it whenever you want

Even when the sun doesn’t shine; reduce your need for grid-connected power, and make the most of your battery.

Optimise your usage, and save on your bills

Connect to the grid during off-peak times, and use that stored energy during peak times. You will notice the savings!

Guaranteed electricity supply at all times

If there are any failures or power cuts in the electric grid, the battery means you won’t be without energy.

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For your business or at home: You are in control of your own energy

Escape from market prices and optimise your solar energy installation – you have the power to control the energy you use!

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Why is it useful to have an intelligent battery?

Smart batteries form an essential part of the new energy model.

They are soon to be the brainpower behind energy management in our homes and businesses. Just like our electric cars, solar panel installations, and gadgets which help us control our energy consumption, the intelligent batteries can help us use energy more efficiently.

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What battery is best for me?

It all depends on what you need. We will ensure we always assess and recommend the best option for you, or your business.
We always take into account:

Battery features 01

If you have solar panels installed

  • Store any unused energy generated throughout the day, and benefit from it during the hours with no sunlight.

Recommended if…

You have your own solar panels, and you want to get the most out of them.

Battery features 02

If you don’t have your own solar panels and you connect directly to the grid

  • Store the energy generated during off-peak times (when the energy is cheaper) and enjoy the savings when you use the stored energy at peak times.
  • Optimise your grid-connection time, by using the battery any time you need a boost of energy.

Recommended if…

You use mainly electric energy, and you want more freedom of choice: You can connect during off-peak times and store that green energy to use in peak times.

Battery features 03

If you need an extra help with your energy supply

  • If there are any failures in the electric grid, or power cuts, the battery allows you to continue with your day as if nothing has happened.

Recommended if…

Your business or company needs a guaranteed continuous energy supply, and you want to optimise your grid-connection time (the battery gives a boost to your energy supply).

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Please, let us know if…

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The most intelligent way to manage energy for your home or business (with or without your own solar panels), and use your stored green energy whenever you need it.

Notice the savings on your energy bills!

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