Your leftover energy is very valuable

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If you already have solar panels, your surplus energy is very valuable: millions of people could have access to green energy thanks to you. That is why we buy it from you at a fair price: €0.100/kWh.


What's Holaluz Cloud?

Our surplus trading technology that allows you to get the most out of your solar installation

We buy your energy at a price of 10

We buy your surplus at €0.100/kWh. Because we really value green energy and your contribution to the energy transition.

Optimized power and at the best price

Thanks to our technology we optimize your energy power and, together with an unbeatable price, we make sure you save as much as possible.

We help you with the set-up

We take care of the company change and advise you on necessary documentation to buy your surplus.

Discover the savings you could make

Tell us a bit about your set up, and then we’ll get in touch!

Do you already have solar panels in your home?

Do you already receive compensation for your surpluses?

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    Sign up for your electricity supply and activate your Holaluz Cloud conditions. If you still don't receive compensation for surpluses, we’ll help you with the paperwork.
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    Your roof will help you save and give more people access to 100% green energy.

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