Solar panels on your rooftop:
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    Get your electricity and a solar panel installation without absolutely no down payment.

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    Join us now and enjoy a grant of up to 55% off the value of your installation.

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We install your solar panels without you paying a single Euro.
  • Grant of up to 55% of your installation's value. Arrow-icon
  • Total flexibility: we finance the photovoltaic panels in up to 15 years, tailored to you Arrow-icon
    • 'We adapt to your needs: you can finance the photovoltaic panels in up to 15 years. And if you want to finance in less years, there's no problem!'
    • If you want, you can make an initial outlay to decrease your monthly bill. If not, you can install the photovoltaic panels on your rooftop without without paying a single euro!
  • No paperwork: we unify your electricity consumption and the financing of the photovoltaic panels in a single invoice Arrow-icon
    • You will receive a single invoice each month, which will include the financing fee for the photovoltaic panels and your monthly electricity consumption
    • Pay a single invoice and say goodbye to headaches 😏
  • We’ll handle the installation, manage the panels and take care of the paperwork for the grant. And the panels will be all yours! Arrow-icon
    We take advantage of the meters of your rooftop to install the maximum number of photovoltaic panels. This way, we give you a more competitive price per panel.

How it works?

  1. Get your personalized offer to install photovoltaic panels

    You can get your personalized offer to see how much you will pay monthly, and how much you will save
  2. We get down to details

    We don't want you to have any questions, so we'll schedule a call to explain all the details of the offer ☎ ️
  3. We visit your rooftop

    Our team will visit you to confirm the installation. Before we work on it we need to make sure everything is in order!
  4. We install the photovoltaic panels!

    We install the photovoltaic panels to your rooftop so you begin to generate green energy. Join your rooftop to the Revolution! 🔆
I already have panels
Join your rooftop with Holaluz Cloud.
  • We buy your energy surplus Arrow-icon
    • We buy your solar energy surplus at a higher price than the market average. This way you save more on your electricity bill.
  • From your roof to the rest of the world Arrow-icon
    • We ensure that your excess energy reaches the rest of the world.
Why Holaluz
Icon of two hands We take care of everything, you take care of nothing.
Icon of a leaf You will use 100% green energy
Icon of a wand in paper Personalized customer support, no robots.

At Holaluz we are leading the Revolution of the Rooftops transforming m2 of roofs into solar energy for 40 million people. Today we already manage more than 4,000 solar installations.
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