Make your rooftop revolutionary by installing solar panels

  • With our electricity supply and solar panels, we can cut your bill down to up to €0, or as little as possible. With a fixed saving, now and forever.

  • What’s more, right now you can enjoy a grant of up to 55%. We’ll take care of all the paperwork for you.

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I don’t have panels yet

Install solar panels and cut your electricity bill down to practically €0.
  • Our solar panel installations offer the biggest savings in the sector.
    We design and manage your installation to offer you a fixed monthly saving for life. No one else does more.
  • Cut your bill down to up to €0, or as little as possible.
    We don't want you to pay a penny for your electricity - so we’ll cut it down as much as possible. Stop worrying about peaks and troughs in energy prices for good. No more planning when to put a wash on.
  • And what’s more, right now you could get a grant for up to 55% of the value of the installation.
    We’ll take care of all the paperwork to get a grant of up to more than half of the value of the installation.
  • We take care of the whole process, so you don’t have to do a thing.
    Including a personalised survey, work permits, all the grant paperwork and connecting your installation to the network.

I already have panels

Join your rooftop with Holaluz Cloud.
  • We buy your energy surplus
    • We buy your solar energy surplus at a higher price than the market average. This way you save more on your electricity bill.
  • From your roof to the rest of the world
    • We ensure that your excess energy reaches the rest of the world.

Why Holaluz

Icon of two hands We take care of everything, you take care of nothing.
Icon of a leaf You will use 100% green energy
Icon of a wand in paper Personalized customer support, no robots.

At Holaluz we are leading the Revolution of the Rooftops transforming m2 of roofs into solar energy for 40 million people. Today we already manage more than 4,000 solar installations.
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