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Your excess energy is very valuable. Millions of people could have access to green energy thanks to you. That's why we buy it from you at a fair price: 0.07 €/kWh, 30% more than the market average.


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    Your roof will help you save and give more people access to 100% green energy.
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We’re sure you’ve got some questions about how compensation works, so here are some answers that might help set your mind at rest.

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    What is simplified compensation for self-consumption surpluses?

    Simplified compensation for surpluses consists of valuing the energy that you don’t consume from your solar panels and deducting that value from your monthly electricity bill. At Holaluz we value your excess energy at 0.07 €/kWh, 30% more than the market average.
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    Do you compensate for all self-consumption surplus? Is there a limit?

    We'd love to, but current law limits compensation. Specifically, the limit is the amount of energy on your bill. That’s why in a second home the compensated amount is usually less than the amount compensated in a main home, because there’s less energy consumption. That said, don't worry, we always compensate you the maximum amount allowed by law.
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    Do I need to have an electricity contract with Holaluz?

    Yes, by law. We need to register you because we’ll compensate you for surpluses through a discount on your electricity bill.
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    What documentation do I need?

    If you’re already being compensated for your surpluses with another company, you only need to register with Holaluz. If your installation is recent and you’re not receiving compensation, we’ll ask you for the documentation provided by your installer or installation company.
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    How long will it take before I’m compensated for my surpluses?

    If you already receive compensation with another company, we’ll automatically compensate you when you switch to Holaluz. If you’re still not being compensated for your surpluses, it normally takes about 60 days.
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Why choose Holaluz?

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We only sell 100% green energy

Because the aim of this electricity company is to create a 100% renewable world connecting people to green energy.
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We always offer the best price we can

At this electricity company, there are no discounts or welcome rates because we reward our clients’ trust. And when we can, we lower our rates without being asked.
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You don’t need the same as your neighbour

We offer rates personalised to your needs, always looking to save you money thanks to our technology.
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We trust in people

That’s why we’re founders of Conscious Capitalism in Spain, to make sure that businesses have a positive impact on the world. We're also the first European company with a BCorp Certificate (to maximise our positive impact on people and the environment).
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