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The Revolution of the Rooftops is for everyone

Wherever you live, with or without solar panels on your roof, this is your Revolution. A movement that’s transforming rooftops into sources of 100% green energy for everyone.

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Why you should join

You can join the Revolution of the Rooftops just by choosing Holaluz’s 100% green energy.

You’ll consume 100% green energy from renewable producers and from the rooftops of other clients (and from your own too, if we can put solar panels on it).

You’ll always get a fair price and an average saving of 10% on your bill.

You’ll never have a fixed contract or hidden costs.

You’ll be contributing to the sustainability of our planet.

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Your rooftop can join too

You can join the revolution, and your rooftop can too - whether it’s your own or your buildings. If you do, Holaluz will install solar panels at no cost to you. That way, you’re both saving and looking after the planet by boosting green energy.

Solar panels, with no cost to you

We’ll cover the initial cost of your solar panels and you’ll pay for them month by month, without paying more on your electricity bill.
If you decide to move before 15 years are up (i.e. if you sell your house) you’d pay the remainder of the cost of the panels, in full or in monthly instalments.

You’ll save an average of 20% from day 1

From the day you join Holaluz, we’ll apply a fixed monthly saving to your bills for 15 years.

From year 15 + 1 day onwards, you’ll save up to 63%

You don’t need to worry about a thing; we manage your solar panels for the first 15 years.
From year 15 + 1 day onwards, you become the owner and will be able to save more: up to 63% of your electricity bill.
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Or call us at 900 67 07 07. It's free 😉

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How to join the revolution

  • You give us your address.
  • Based on that and your electricity consumption, we’ll calculate your personalised quote. What’s more, if you have a rooftop then we offer you a fixed monthly saving (from your first bill) and solar panels at no cost. Before installing them, we’ll do a technical visit to assess their viability and review your fixed monthly saving.
  • You sign up to Holaluz. In just 3 minutes and we’ll take care of everything.

Or call us at 900 67 07 07. It's free 😉

Tariffs for all, a rate for you

Thanks to technology, we can adapt to your energy consumption, offering you a personalised electricity rate. Shall we tell you how?


If you want to keep track of your bills every month

Fair Rate

If you prefer to forget all about your electricity bills

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Or call us at 900 67 07 07. It's free 😉

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