Holaluz reinforces its capital after the opportunity arises to carry out commercial procurement transactions in Spain
The present price position in the electricity spot market creates the opportunity to acquire a number of trading companies. Holaluz’s acquisitions represent a unique opportunity to start a sector consolidation strategy at attractive prices, allowing the green energy technology company to accelerate its organic growth plan of reaching one million customers by the end of 2023
​​Holaluz consolidates growth and plans to acquire installation companies
The Rooftop Revolution has grown in strength. As of June 30, 2021 the programme encompasses 5,537 managed facilities. This represents 184.7 percent growth compared to June 2020. In addition, as of June 30, 2021, Holaluz has added 25,319 new customers, reaching total customer numbers of 350,820. The green energy technology company now oversees more than 1,200 MW in representation.
Holaluz Approves the Accounts for the Last Quarter of Fiscal Year 2020
In the last quarter of 2020, the greentech company saw consolidated sales rise to 69.1 million euros. While the EBITDA reached 0.6 million euros, the company's gross margin amounted to 6.9 million euros, which constitutes a 53 percent rise on the same period in the previous year. Holaluz’s Shareholders' Meeting ratified the company accounts for the last quarter of fiscal year 2020 (which closed on September 30). From now on the company will align its accounts with the calendar year.
Holaluz’s Turnover Amounts to 69.1 Million Euros, as the Green Energy Technology Company Reaches 325,501 Clients and Has Been Managing 5,346 Photovoltaic Installations
In the last quarter of 2020, Holaluz’s consolidated sales were 69.1 million euros with an EBITDA of 0.6 million euros. The company’s gross margin amounted to 6.9 million euros. This represents growth of 53 percent when compared with the same period in the previous year.
Holaluz Approves 2020 Fiscal Year Financial Statements at its Shareholders’ Meeting
The company confirms the closing of the fiscal year (September 30, 2020) with consolidated sales of 235.9 million euros. Consolidated EBITDA grew to 3.5 million euros which represents an increase of 35 per cent compared to the previous year.
Holaluz reaches 4,000 Photovoltaic Installations, has expanded its client base by 31%, achieves an EBITDA of 3.5 million euros, and delivers 4.5 million euros in savings to its customers, all in the midst of the pandemic
The company reiterates its objectives by the end of 2023: one million clients, 50,000 photovoltaic installations under management and an energy capacity of 1000 MW
Holaluz and ENERPARC AG sign a PPA for the acquisition of 84 MW of photovoltaic renewable energy in the Balearic Islands
The contract includes a 10 years 84 megawatt agreement and will entail an investment of approximately 60 million euros.
Holaluz client numbers reach 272,727, while figures for the management of photovoltaic installations extend to 3,033, a rise of 61 per cent
The Rooftop Revolution has been expanding. Since June 30 there has been a rise of 61 per cent in the number of photovoltaic installations that Holaluz manages.
Holaluz Ranks Number One in Sustainalytics’ ESG World Ranking for Electricity Companies
The ESG Risk Rating is a benchmark for the capital market. It measures a company’s social impact, system of governance, and environmental footprint.
Holaluz and Wirtgen Invest Sign a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) for four Solar Farms in Portugal
The agreement involves the purchase of 97MW and will connect around 53,300 new Holaluz customers to green energy.
Holaluz's turnover amounts to 122.9 million euros reaching 255,543 clients and 1,879 photovoltaic installations
Holaluz has grown at a rate quicker than expected and, up until June 30, has reached 255,543 clients in Spain
Holaluz records a turnover of 58.87 million euros in the last quarter of 2019, and reach 239.588 clients
As of February 29, 2020, the company has 239,588 clients in Spain. Between January and February 2020, 12,380 new clients were added. This is a daily growth rate of 12 per cent.
Holaluz grows 42% in new customers
The financial results at 30 September 2019, the end of its fiscal year, place the green energy technology company in a privileged position to face its new phase as a listed company.
Holaluz increases its capital by 30 million euros and it is valued at 160 million euros
This share offering is the largest in history prior to entry into the Expansion Business Segment of the MAB.
Holaluz will conclude IPO by the End of November
The plan will allow Holaluz to obtain finance of between €30 and €40 million, in accordance with the strategy announced at the beginning of the year.
Holaluz and Falck Renewables sign a PPA for the acquisition of 26 GWh of wind energy in Spain
The contract includes an agreement of 26 GWh within 7 years and involves an investment of close to 10 million euros
Geroa acquires a participation in the capital of Holaluz
Geroa EPSV, a supplementary pension entity whose members are the workers, is one of the benchmark institutional investors in Spain with a net worth of €2,150 million.
Holaluz becomes the first Electric Company in Europe to be given the B Corp certification
This certification guarantees to double the positive impact that Holaluz generates for all its stakeholders: workers, providers and the community.

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