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In Holaluz you can reduce your electricity bill to 0€

Install solar panels and maximize your savings with a battery and an electric vehicle charger.

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Committed to you and the planet

Committed to you and the planet

Only 100% green energy

We connect people to green energy and transform rooftops into sources of renewable energy. That's how we're driving a fairer, more sustainable energy model. Because the planet can't wait any longer.

Technology at your service

We're an electricity company that loves technology That's why we offer rates that are adapted to you, which translates into an average saving of 10% off your electricity bill.

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We don't believe in discounts or temporary promotions. We prefer to look after all our clients by offering the best price, always. And if we can top it, we do so without being asked.

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  • How do the subsidies and grants for the installation of solar panels work?

    Currently the main subsidies for installing solar panels come from Next Generation EU Funds. This funds provide for a maximum of 900 million euros, available from 2021, managed by each autonomous community. At Holaluz we take care of everything for you, achieving up to 45% savings on the panels total cost. On the other hand, this grants for solar panels are compatible with the IBI and ICIO bonuses set by each municipality.
  • How to install solar panels?

    Installing solar panels at home is currently within the reach of anyone who has a roof: the price of the components that make up an installation has decreased significantly and administrative facilities such as IBI bonuses or the subsidies and aid available make installing panels solar in an optimal sustainable option to save on your electricity bill.
  • Should I switch electricity provider if I'm renting?

    You're free to switch electricity provider whenever you like. Just like you choose the best phone company or wifi provider for you, you can choose energy that's in line with the world you want for you and the people you love. And if the property's owner decides to go back to their old provider, they can do so whenever they like at no cost.
  • Is it easy to switch to Holaluz from my current electricity provider?

    Of course! Just fill in our form, and you're done. It takes less than 3 minutes. We'll take care of the rest. If you're already registered with an electricity company, we'll cancel that. And if there hasn't been electricity supplied before, we'll handle the process for you once we've received the necessary documents.
  • Will I lose power whilst switching electricity provider?

    You'll never lose power. The law guarantees that because it's a basic need. When you choose to switch to Holaluz, we'll take care of everything for you, and you'll never go without. On average, it'll take between 2 and 7 days for the switch to take place, and you'll be none the wiser when it does. The planet will, though. Because you'll have chosen energy that's kind to our home.
  • Am I paying for the power I really need?

    A lot of people are paying for more power than they really need. At Holaluz, we optimise the power of all our customers so they don't pay for something they won't use. If you like, we can calculate the optimum power for you, so you can discover how much you could save.
  • I'm worried about the unstable price of electricity. Is there a way to combat that and bet on a fixed price model for electricity?

    Of course. You can join the Revolution by choosing one of these 2 options that have to do with electricity fixed prices:
    1. The Fair Rate. It's the first fixed electricity rate for 100% renewable energy. With this rate, you can use all the energy you need whenever you like, and you'll pay the same every month, that is, it works as a fixed electricity price. We only ask you to use it responsibly. Stop worrying about the price of energy and your bills forever!
    2. Your own solar panels. If you have a viable roof, we'll install your solar panels and you won't have to invest one single euro of your pocket. You save on your bill from day one, whilst giving the planet a breather. Like to find out more about solar panels
  • I'd like to pay the same for electricity every month. How does the fixed electricity rate work?

    Our Fair Rate is the first fixed electricity rate for 100% green energy on the market, and it's totally personalised. We study your electricity consumption over the last 12 months to see how much energy you will consume on average every month when you've joined Holaluz and you have chosen our fixed electricity rate. That's why we can only offer you the Fair Rate if you've been living at your current address for more than 12 months. Discover everything about the fixed electricity rate in detail: Holaluz Fair Rate.

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