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40% of our customers with solar panels have reached a bill of 0€.

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Sell the surplus of your solar installation at the best price with the Cloud Fair Rate.

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With our technology, we customize your electricity fee so that you pay the right amount on your bill.

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Committed to you and the planet

Committed to you and the planet

Only 100% green energy

We connect people to green energy and transform rooftops into sources of renewable energy. That's how we're driving a fairer, more sustainable energy model. Because the planet can't wait any longer.

Technology at your service

We're an electricity company that loves technology That's why we offer rates that are adapted to you, which translates into an average saving of 10% off your electricity bill.

You're always at the heart of things

We don't believe in discounts or temporary promotions. We prefer to look after all our clients by offering the best price, always. And if we can top it, we do so without being asked.

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