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What is energy transition?

The benefits of energy transition

Energy transition entails countless benefits for the planet and for everyone.

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At Holaluz, we know this because we are already building the largest 100% green energy community in Europe. An entire network of clean, decentralized, decarbonised, local and cheaper energy for everybody.

Want to be part of the change?

Key data on energy transition in Spain

Did you know that the Government has already presented the tool to achieve the goal of decarbonizing our economy through a framework based on 3 key ideas?

They are these, and they are fundamental to the energy transition:

We will focus on the Climate Change and Energy Transition Bill recently passed by Congress.

What are the main measures to be achieved by 2030?

Climate Change and Energy Transition Bill

Which commitments have been made?

2030 goals

2050 goals

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Energy transition with Holaluz

Advantages of trusting Holaluz

Join the energy transition with Holaluz and be a part of the change towards a cleaner and more sustainable world!

Contact us to find out how you can make a difference and enjoy renewable energy in your home or business.

We look forward to joining you on this exciting journey towards a better future for all!

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