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We’ll take care of applying for all the permits for installing your solar panels.

When we say producing green energy is easy and we’ll take care of everything for you, we really mean it. With Holaluz, you can forget all about the paperwork. Because we know how important your time is.


Permits necessary for installing solar panels for your home

Below, we’ll list all the permits necessary for installing solar panels. Some have to be applied for before the installation, and others afterwards. The complexity of all this and the timeline for approval depends on each local council and Autonomous Community. But as we’ve said, we’ll manage it all for you.

Permits required prior to installation

  • We design the best photovoltaic installation for you.

  • We present the technical report of the project.

  • We handle the company switch.

  • We pay all the administrative fees for you.

Permits required after installation

  • We legalise your installation (registration, validation and obtaining contract for access to the grid to compensate for surplus).

  • We help you with the IBI bonus documentation.

  • We process the Next Generation subsidy, which could save you up to 45% of the cost of the installation (deadline: November 30, 2023).

Find out more about subsidies for solar panels here.

Regulations for the installation of solar panels for homes

The regulations on solar panels continue to change: the so-called "sun tax" has now been eliminated, European aid to promote renewable energies has been launched, and more.

At Holaluz, we have a strong team of legal and solar experts who are up to date with these changes and all other aspects of the regulations around installing solar panels. We leave no stone unturned and always keep you informed about the subsidies and grants you could access and we could manage for you.

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With Holaluz, you can install solar panels from the comfort of your sofa. All you have to do is call us, and we'll do the rest.

We process all the permits

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Some companies will advise you, but won't do the paperwork for you. We take care of everything.

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Every installation is different. Every Community has its own laws. Our internal team of experts will dedicate themselves to your unique case.

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