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Working towards a new energy model

If you want or have a solar panel installation with Holaluz, then what could be better than charging your electric vehicle at home? That way you can zip around propelled by 100% green energy, produced on the spot, a key element of the energy transition.

Why choose Holaluz to install an electric car charger?

Quality and guarantee

We install ChargePoint electric car chargers, a market leader in the United States. What’s more, having a charging station for electric vehicles at home will give you peace of mind and independence: your electric car will always be ready when you need it.

Easy and simple

We monitor your solar installation and the charging of your electric car. That means we can offer you the best Solar Fair Rate, totally personalised and adapted to your needs.

More savings

A home charging station will help you charge your car more quickly and save money in comparison to charging at public pay points. What’s more, with the Moves III subsidy you’ll save up to 70% or 80% of the cost depending on where you live.

Positive impact

Having an electric car or vehicle is part of your commitment to the environment. And with Holaluz, you’re also guaranteed intelligent charging of your electric car at home with the 100% green energy you produce on your rooftop.

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ChargePoint Home Charging Station

ChargePoint Home Charging Station

With a type 2 connector, the ChargePoint Home Charging Station offers great versatility, as does the fact it can be installed both inside and outside. Thanks to its Smart function with WiFi and Bluetooth, it allows you to easily control and schedule all the charging cycles so you can save even more.

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What is a charger for an electric vehicle?

An electric car charge is a device that charges the batteries of electric vehicles. At Holaluz we offer top-quality home charging stations from a world-leading brand, with an installation guarantee.
Electric car chargers are one element of our ecosystem of Holaluz products and services, which all together will take the Rooftop Revolution even further. We're taking another step forward to accelerate the shift towards a fairer, more sustainable energy model for the whole world, based on renewable energy.

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With a home charging station for an electric vehicle:

  • You save time: the type 2 charger allows for faster charge up to 7.4kW.

  • You get great value for money. The cost also includes installation.

  • It’s super easy to use: schedule charging times with the ChargePoint app.

  • You enjoy its robust, durable design, with a discrete, compact design.

  • It’s reliable: direct connection for a simpler, safe connection.

  • And it’s made with high-quality materials: better durability and robustness.

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Frequently asked questions

What guarantee does the electric car charger have?

The electric vehicle charger has a 3-year guarantee.

How long does a home solar charger last?

How long your electric vehicle charger will last depends largely on the environment it’s installed in (humidity, temperature, dirt...), its use and maintenance, and the quality of the electrical installation it’s connected to. If it’s installed in an optimum environment and used well, an electric vehicle charger installed by Holaluz will last for approximately 10 years.

Is there a specific subsidy for chargers? Does it affect the NextGen subsidy or IBI rebate?

Yes, there’s a specific subsidy for electric chargers: Moves III (which can be up 70% or 80% depending on where you live). It doesn’t affect the NextGen subsidy or the IBI rebate for solar panels (you can benefit from all three).

Do I have to contract more power if I install an electric car charger?

Not necessarily. If you charge during the day you won’t need any more power because the power from the grid combines with the power from your solar panels. If you charge during the night, you might have to increase your power in P2. The car decides how much charge it takes, so even if you have the power available, the car may never need it. If you need more information about how to charge an electric car with solar panels, we’re happy to answer all your questions here at Holaluz.

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