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100% Green energy

You might have seen lots of rates on the market offering you the option of clean energy. We only sell 100% green energy. That’s the difference between those who treat it as just another product and those of us who look after the planet by only offering energy from renewable origins.

What is green energy?

We love that question. Green energy, or energy from renewable origins, is energy produced using natural resources (that are, luckily, infinite). Renewable energies are wind, hydraulic, solar and biomass.

If we want to improve the world, we should move towards sustainability, so at Holaluz we give our full support to the renewable energy producers that we work with every day. Thanks to them, more and more clean energy is being produced. You can do your bit too, for example by getting your energy from a company that only sells green electricity. We wonder where you could find one of those....

We're green through and through

All the energy that we offer at Holaluz is green so the more clients we have the more we can support renewable energies.

We represent renewable energy production plants on the market, helping them to bring down their costs and boost their income. Our aim? That one day, we’ll all be using clean energy. The CNMC certifies that our producers’ electricity is 100% green, and that it’s the same energy we sell to our clients.


Let’s move forwards together

The current electricity sector has an expiration date. That’s why we’re out here, building the future. Will you join us?

We’re working so that every consumer of electricity can generate their own energy. And we’re not only talking about installing solar panels at home.

At Holaluz we’re leading the energy sector, and we’re on our way to becoming an energy exchange platform. That way, we’ll make it possible for people who produce more energy than they need to share it with others.


We're fans of self-consumption

We truly believe in self-consumption (that means that you produce your own electrical energy). As an electricity company that wants to change the sector (and the world), we fully support it.

That’s why we believe that people who produce their own green energy at home should also have a contract with an electricity company.

Why? So that if a person produces more green energy than they need, it gets put into the mains. And, if the opposite is the case, they can get any extra energy they need through their electricity company.

Where does the renewable energy we buy come from?
Wind Power

Wind Power

Energy obtained from the wind, which transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Energy Recovery

Energy Recovery

The energy contained in certain types of waste (paper, cardboard, organic waste...).



Obtained from organic waste and animal or plant waste, or from the rubbish we produce.

Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Photovoltaic Solar Energy

We get energy from the sun using photovoltaic and thermal solar panels.



Energy that comes from plant or animal organic matter and waste.

Hydraulic Energy

Hydraulic Energy

Obtained from the water in reservoirs and dams (when suddenly released, it produces electrical energy).

100% guaranteed renewable origin

The official way of letting you know that we're 100% green is through the certificates that guarantee that the energy is of 100% renewable origin (GDO or garantía de origen certificates). They’re awarded by the CNMC (Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia).

To earn these certificates, every six months the CNMC needs to guarantee that, as a minimum, at Holaluz we represent the same amount of renewable energy that we need to satisfy the demands of our clients. And we always do ;-).

The guarantees can be requested a year after you've enjoyed your Holaluz electricity.
You can see for yourself here. Check the origin

Join the Rooftop Revolution

We'd love you to join us and enjoy100% green, responsible electricity from renewable energy producers and from the roofs of other customers. Join the Revolution, and together we'll change the current energy model into one that's fairer and more sustainable.

Any doubts?