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100% Green energy

You may have seen a lot of clean energy plans on the market. At Holaluz, we connect people to green energy and take care of everything so you can produce your own. That's the difference between those who treat it as just another product and those of us who are committed to changing the world through renewable energy.


What is green energy?

Green or renewable energy is that which is produced from natural and inexhaustible resources. These renewable energies are solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, and biomass.

Holaluz is an energy transition company founded with the intention of becoming a tool for global change. That is why we are transforming the energy model with our green energy ecosystems, maximising the potential of every rooftop and giving everyone access to cleaner, cheaper and local energy.


Holaluz: green energy on inside and out

We are building the largest green energy community in Europe, moving to a new decentralized model based on distributed generation.

We also represent renewable energy producers in the market, helping them to reduce their costs and increase their revenues. Our goal? One day, the planet will run on 100% clean energy.

We are building the largest renewable energy community you can imagine

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Let's walk together

The current electricity sector has an expiration date. That's why we're out here, building the future. Will you join us?

Every day we prove that the rooftop revolution is possible, driven by the desire for a green planet and based on real action. Solving the climate crisis by decarbonising the economy is in our hands. And we are not just talking about installing solar panels at home.

House self-consumption

Change the world with solar panels

Our generation model maximizes the potential of each rooftop and, through the development of our own technology and the use of data, allows us to distribute the energy produced to other users beyond the energy consumption of those who already have solar panels. In this way, we democratize access to green and local energy.

100% guaranteed renewable origin

The official way of letting you know that we're 100% green is through the certificates that guarantee that the energy is of 100% renewable origin (GDO or garantía de origen certificates). They're awarded by the CNMC (Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia).

To earn these certificates, every six months the CNMC needs to guarantee that, as a minimum, at Holaluz we represent the same amount of renewable energy that we need to satisfy the demands of our clients. And we always do ;-).

The guarantees can be requested a year after you've enjoyed your Holaluz electricity.
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Join the Rooftop Revolution

We'd love you to join us and enjoy100% green, responsible electricity from renewable energy producers and from the roofs of other customers. Join the Revolution, and together we'll change the current energy model into one that's fairer and more sustainable.

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