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It's important to see the differences between electrons, and we here at Holaluz see it. We recognize that the origin, the source of these electrons makes a big different in helping us achieve one of our objectives: to change and improve the world. #laluzverde respects the environment and helps to build a better future.

What is green energy?

Green energy, or energy from a renewable source, is what is produced through the natural resources which are unlimited! Renewable energies include wind energy, hydraulic energy, solar energy and biomass.

For us, green energy isn't an option, it's the solution. We can't conceive a world which isn't heading toward sustainability and so it is essential to support, promote and work each and every day with the producers of renewable energies.

In Holaluz, our DNA is green

All the energy that we offer at Holaluz is clean so that the more clients we have, the more we'll support renewable energies.

We represent renewable production plants on the market, helping them to reduce their costs and increase their revenues, which is a fundamental step to transforming the entire system toward clean energies. Through the CNMC, we certify that the energy from our producers is 100% green and that's what we sell to our clients with no exception.

We want to take this journey with you.

For us, the present of the energy sector has gone past its expiration date and we're now here building the future.

We want all electricity consumers to be able to generate their own energy (photovoltaic plates, windmills...).

Installing solar panels at home is only the beginning.

We here at Holaluz are going to be the energy exchange platform that will make it possible for users who are producing more energy than they need to be able to place it in our system allowing other users to "reserve" it.

We also support self-consumption

We strongly believe in self-consumption. As a power company seeking to change the sector (and the world!) we must give it our full support.

So we defend the net balance, which is based on the possibility that a user who produces their own green energy at home with their own solar panels or wind turbines can still have a contract with an electricity marketer at the same time.

The balance is established so that if users produce more green energy than they need at any given time, the excess energy is sent back into the general grid. If it's the other way around, users obtain the energy which they're missing through their power company.

This would be a possible starting point. But there's a long road ahead of us and we want to do it together with the people who entrust their energy to us.

Green gas from Holaluz.

The day when the entire market can be supplied with renewable energy and our clients can provide their own power, we'll stop providing gas. In the meantime, we need to offer this option because otherwise it would be irresponsible.

Using clean and manufactured energy, like electricity, to heat up a house or to get hot water is a loss in terms of efficiency. It's best to convert the gas which arrives to the house directly into heat rather than having to process the energy twice to get the same result.

We offer Gas as a complementary service for our electricity clients because it's logical and it's what they need.

Where does the renewable energy we buy come from?

Wind Power

Almost half of the energy we buy is wind power. It's the clean and inexhaustible energy obtained from the force of the wind. By turning the blades of a wind turbine, it transforms the mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Energy Recovery

Almost a quarter of the renewable energy we buy in Holaluz comes from this energy source, perhaps the least known. It's obtained from the energy contained in some waste, such as paper, cardboard, organic waste...


This type of energy is obtained from organic waste and waste that comes from animals, plants or the garbage that we generate in our homes.

Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Part of the energy we buy comes from the sun. We take advantage of its energy through the use of photovoltaic and thermal solar panels.


We obtain a part of the renewable energy that we sell from organic matter of vegetable or animal origin, waste and organic waste.

Hydraulic Energy

This is renewable energy that comes from the accumulation of water in marshes and reservoirs and that, when released at once, produces electrical energy inside a hydroelectric power station.

Certified 100% guaranteed renewable origin

That's what it's called. This is the official certification that we have to explain that we are 100% green energy. The certified 100% guaranteed renewable origin (GDO) is issued by the CNMC (National Commission on Markets and Competition)

To be able to provide us these certificates, every six months the CNMC confirms that, at a minimum, in Holaluz, we present the same volume of renewable energy as the amount that we need in order to satisfy our clients' demand.

The guarantees are requested one year after you have enjoyed your electricity in Holaluz. In fact, it's something that you can verify yourself.

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