Fair energy

Fair energy is how we understand and do things. Because we understand that energy should only come from renewable sources. Because we always offer you our best price; a personalized rate, that is tailored to your needs, with a fixed price and no surprises. Because, at the end of the day, saving is simple when you have your own personalised energy rate that adapts to you; not the other way about.

If you and your neighbour are not equals, why do you have the same energy rate?

Listening to you and understanding how you use your energy is key to helping you save. Knowing what your needs are and how your home is means we can offer you a personalised energy rate that best suits you.

By using technology and data analysis we can always bring you our best price. A fixed price that gives you the peace of mind to use your energy as you decide; and not the other way about.

Discover your savings

We will always reduce your costs when we can - you don’t even have to ask!

Because it makes sense, don’t you think? If we have the best price to offer you, we will reduce costs without you even having to ask. What’s more, at Holaluz, we don’t have temporary discounts or contracts that tie you down.

You pay only for what you need, and when you need it; no extras, no hidden costs. That’s why we make sure your contracted power supply is optimized so that you never pay more than you should.

Fair Energy is 100% green

We only sell 100% green energy from renewable sources, with no extra costs, as we don’t believe there is any other way. The more people who join us in this vision of the world, the more things we can change.

We believe and work to build a new energy model in which you are in control of your own energy. For that reason, we bet on electric mobility, intelligent energy storage and self-consumption.

100% Green Energy

Join the fair energy revolution and discover electricity rates that adapt to you

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