Fair energy

All electricity companies sell you energy. We offer Fair Energy. As it’s 100% green, it’s fair to the planet. And as we adapt to you to offer you our best price (a price that’s fixed for a minimum of a year, with no extra charges), it means you can save and it’s fair to you too.

A rate that adapts you

If you tell us what your house is like and what your energy needs are, we’ll show you the personalised rate that suits you best. And, thanks to our use of technology, we can always offer you our best price, which will stay fixed for a minimum of a year.

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A price that drops without you asking

Call us odd, but we think that it’s normal that if we’ve got a better price to offer you, then we should go ahead and lower it. At Holaluz we don’t do temporary discounts or fixed contracts. You only pay for what you need. So that you don’t pay too much, we optimise your power.

An energy that's as fair as it is green

We only sell 100% green energy, with no additional costs. We also offer you the option of producing your own renewable energy. The more people that share this vision of the world, the better we can all change things together.

100% Green Energy

Will you choose fair energy?

It’s a simple way of saving money and helping look after the planet by using renewable energy.
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