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About Holaluz

We are Holaluz, the company that has been revolutionising the energy sector for nearly a decade. We were born to change the world, connecting people to green energy, and you and the planet are the motivation behind the way we are and what we do. Join the revolution.

What we do

Our desire to do things differently has brought us to lead the transformation of the energy sector:

  • We only sell 100% renewable electricity.
  • Thanks to our top-notch technology, we offer you customized products and prices that allow you to save money.
  • We put people at the center of all our decisions.
  • We are revolutionizing the rooftops!

There are a lot of people who want to change things like we do . At Holaluz we aim at turning every square meter of the roofs into inexhaustible sources of renewable energy, for more than 40 million people and at no cost on your side . Are you familiar with our Revolution?

No matter where you live and whether you have your own roof or not, you can still be part of the change just by joining Holaluz's 100% green energy.

How we do it

We believe that companies are nothing but the people in their teams. This is why, at Holaluz, we’ve crafted an ecosystem where people can grow holistically, being the best version of themselves. This is leveraged by activating a corporate culture that puts values in action every single day, in lots of different things; because culture is a thousand things, a thousand times.

#SayThingsAsTheyAre: Transparency in all of our actions towards our customers, team members and partners is our most powerful tool to build up what makes us truly unique: trust.

#HaveFun: Changing the world is a long and passionate journey. Having fun along the way makes us even more creative and energetic.

#AlwaysPeopleFirst: We work for people, and with people. We aim at being an inclusive team that respects work-life balance and believes in personal development, while keeping our customers as the focal point of everything we do.

#KeepRowing: Sometimes things can get hard- even harder than we expected. That's why it takes an accountable, focused, and strong team to face challenges and work towards our goals. We believe that going the extra mile is what's going to make us successful.

#EsPosible: Finding THE right way of doing things is how we make a difference. There is ALWAYS a way of doing whatever it takes to move towards a better planet. We embrace a positive can-do attitude (#esposible), always willing to deliver an outstanding job.

Where we do it

image gallery shows people doing sport, people working and images from office and the nursery

Our perks

Join a people-focused company, with an excellent unbeatable work environment and great talent where we truly live our values. We at Holaluz believe that balance between life and work is key, this is why we are a certified Baby Friendly Company, offering:

  • A nursery that helps conciliate  life and work
  • Summer camps (a.k.a “casals”), which are also available for other holidays, during those weeks of the year when combining children's vacations and work becomes a little more complicated

We are also the first European electricity company with a BCorp Certificate, an acknowledgement for  those companies that innovate to maximize their positive impact on employees, the community and the environment.

At Holaluz, you will be part of a goal-oriented and results-driven company, applying agile methodologies and the scale model philosophy to everything we do. You will have unlimited professional development in an exciting company, within a team that fosters and faces constant challenges together.

In addition, you can benefit from all these perks:

  • English and Catalan lessons in the office
  • Subscription-based gym at a reduced price, including yoga and crossfit classes in the office. Mens sana in corpore sano!
  • Private health insurance discount
  • Flexible Compensation Scheme on kindergarten, transportation and food with Cobee
  • Flexible working hours and the possibility of working remotely on a regular basis as a result of our responsibility and autonomy-oriented mindset, and betting on self-management of team time
  • Want to bring people as talented as you? We have our own referral bonus structure
  • The opportunity of contributing to the growth of a company that wants to change the world
  • Compensation plan in shares
  • Competitive sustainable mobility rate with eCooltra for Holaluz. You would be able to reach the office with their electric bikes and motorcycles at an affordable price
  • Competitively-priced Wifi plan with Unique
  • The possibility of consulting with our architect so to improve the design of your home office
  • Our own library, with very diverse content

You can't find a position for you?

If you can't find an offer that adapts to your requirements, send us a cover letter to so that we can consider you for future positions.

Your personal data will be treated only for evaluating your candidature and it will be deleted when the selection process ends unless you tell us otherwise. By sending your data via email you are also accepting Holaluz's privacy policy.

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