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Holaluz gas rates

If you're already using 100% green energy, then switch to us for your natural gas. Do even more to change the world with the first offset gas.
We’ll provide the natural gas - all you need is an installation in your home.

Call us to 900 67 05 23. For free 😉

We offer gas as a complimentary service alongside electricity.

We know it’s not a clean form of energy: that’s why we offset your consumption with extra green energy certifications.

Because gas is the most efficient way to heat your home.

When the whole electricity grid is 100% renewable, we’ll stop selling gas.

Gas rates

Classic gas rate

The old-fashioned way: pay for the gas you use at the end of the month.

Pay for what you use

No more, no less. You’ll pay for exactly what you've used at the end of each month. Not a penny more.
You’re in control Before we charge you, we’ll send you a proforma bill so you can check that the reading and amount are correct.

Call us free for more information.

Leave us your phone and we'll call you whenever you want



Fair gas rate

Use all the gas you need and always pay the same with our flat gas rate.

A flat monthly rate

Take a load off Forget about worrying about your bills - pay the same every month. No totting up what you owe and no fixed contracts.
A personalized rate We calculate your monthly rate based on your home’s average consumption for the last 12 months.

ℹ️ This fee isn't available yet, we are still working on this. If you want, we will notify you when it is available 😉


We offset your gas consumption

Because we know that it’s not the cleanest of energies, at Holaluz all the natural gas you use will be offset by an extra of 100% green energy.

  • We’ll offset your footprint by putting the equivalent in clean electricity into the grid.

  • And we'll contribute to projects linked to sustainable development.

FAQs about our gas supply
  • How often will I get a gas bill from Holaluz?

    At Holaluz, we bill every calendar month. As there are 12 months in the year, you get 12 bills. Because we think that’s the simplest and most logical way of doing things. We want to make sure keeping on top of your energy use is as easy as possible.
  • Do you provide a gas maintenance service?

    No, at Holaluz we only provide energy - no additional services.
    Electricity and gas distributors are legally obliged to check their installations (outdoor meters), which you pay for, every 5 years. That’s why we don't think it’s necessary for you to pay for any additional services.
  • Do Holaluz’ gas rates involve a fixed contract?

    No! We want a relationship based on trust, and we don’t want you to be with us if you're not comfortable. That’s why none of our gas or electricity rates involve any fixed contracts.
  • What are the requirements for switching to Holaluz’s gas?

    You need to be using 100% green energy, whether that’s with us or with another company. And, you’ll need a natural gas system installed. We offer a natural gas service, but we don’t cover installations.
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