Gas rates

The natural gas that Holaluz offers is a complimentary service for our electrical energy clients.

It's different

We compensate for all the gas consumed by clients with extra electrical energy certificates. This service is like summer flings. Sooner or later, they all come to an end. We’ll stop selling gas when all electrical energy is renewable, and our clients can supply themselves.

Why do we sell gas?

Because it’s a waste of electricity to use clean energy to heat a house or heat water. It’s more efficient to convert gas which is already hot when it’s piped in.

Want to sign up?

You only need two things:

Natural gas
To already have natural gas installed
We offer a natural gas service, but we don’t cover installations.
Green energy
To be using green energy
Whether it’s with Holaluz or another company that’s just as green as we are. Want to know all about how you could save with our electricity tariffs?

What we offer you

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    Pro-forma invoice

    Before your proper bill, we’ll send you a proforma one. Think of it as a spoiler. If you think something’s not right, you can send us the reading from your meter, and we’ll charge you for that.

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    The same price

    We promise to keep your rate the same for at least 12 months. And if we can lower it for you, we will. Yep. A discount on your bill, just like that.

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    Fair, transparent service

    With no extra or hidden costs. We make our profit on the energy we sell you. Nothing more.

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    Freedom from the word go

    We have no fixed contracts or small print that ties you to us. We want electricity and gas clients who are happy to be with us thanks to our service and the way we go about things.

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What will your gas rate be?

It all depends on the amount of gas you use. Based on that, your house will be assigned a certain tariff. For example, if you only use gas to cook and heat water, your tariff is 3.1. If you have heating too, then your tariff is 3.2.

Every bill has a fixed section and a variable section. The fixed section is kind of like internet bandwidth. The variable section is what changes depending on how much you consume.

3.1 Rate

Houses without heating

3.2 Rate

Houses with heating

Fixed section

€ 2.503 / month

€ 3.03449 / month taxes included

Variable section

€ 0.061684 kWh

€ 0.07478 kWh taxes included

Resolution of the National Comission of Markets and Competition of September 22nd, 2020, setting the tolls for accessing the transport grid, local grid and regasification from October 2020 to September 2021.

Items that your invoice always includes and that are unrelated to your supplier: VAT and hydrocarbon tax (€ 0.00234 / kWh).
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