Gas rates

At Holaluz we currently offer natural gas as a necessary additional service in order to efficiently cover the energy needs of our customers.

Our gas is different from the rest.

Just as all the electricity that we sell is certified as renewable by CNMC, we also offset the entire volume of gas consumed by our customers with extra renewable energy certifications. The day that all energy can be renewable and our customers can be self-sufficient, we will stop using gas.

Why do we offer gas?

Using a clean processed energy like electricity to heat a home or heat water is a waste in terms of efficiency. It is better to directly convert the gas delivered to your home into heat than to process the energy twice to achieve the same result.

What do you need to register for the gas service?

Natural gas
You need to have a natural gas system already installed
At Holaluz we offer you a service so that you can enjoy natural gas at home. However, we do not provide the technical installation.
Green energy
You need to be registered for green energy
Gas is an accompanying source of energy and we believe it can only go hand-in-hand with green energy, either with Holaluz or with another 100% green company. If you aren’t registered yet, find out how to save with our electricity rates.

What we offer you with our gas service

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    A pro-forma invoice

    Before invoicing we will send you a pro-forma invoice. If you do not agree with it, you can send us the reading from your meter and we will invoice you accordingly. It’s that easy.

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    The same price guaranteed

    We commit to maintaining the same price for 12 months and if we can reduce it for you, we’ll do it without you having to ask.

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    Fair and transparent prices

    With us you can be sure that you won’t pay any extra charges or hidden costs. We don’t make a profit from anything other than the energy we sell you.

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    You are free, as always

    Naturally, we don’t tie you down with permanent contracts or small print. We want happy customers :)

You want more information?

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What’s your gas rate?

Gas rates are predetermined by the amount of gas that you use. Based on this, your home is allocated a rate type: if you only use gas to cook and heat water, your rate will be 3.1. If you also use it for central heating, your rate will be 3.2.

Each rate has a fixed part and a variable part. The fixed part reflects the "bandwidth" you use from the network, while the variable part changes according to your consumption.

3.1 Rate

Homes without heating

3.2 Rate

Homes with heating

Fixed part

€ 2,53 / month

Variable part

€ 0.068162 kWh

Items that your invoice always includes and that are unrelated to your supplier: VAT and hydrocarbon tax (€ 0.00234 / kWh).
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