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Welcome to the power company where there’s always another way to seeing things. At Holaluz we manage and optimise your energy usage, while we transform the electricity sector and work to build a better world. That's why we always take decisions putting your interests in the centre. Because if it’s not good for you; it’s not good for us.
Because you can always see things differently
¿Nos acompañas hacia un modelo energético donde la comodidad y el ahorro vayan unidos a la energía 100% verde? Nuestra voluntad de hacer las cosas de un modo distinto nos ha llevado a liderar la transformación del sector. Por eso:
  • We are leading the transformation of the energy sector in Spain, thanks to innovation and honesty. We sell electricity that is from 100% renewable sources and offer savings with personalised products that, thanks to technology, can be tailored to the power needs of each customer.
  • We want to join you on your journey towards an energy model in which well-being and comfort goes hand in hand with green energy and saving. By joining Holaluz, you set out on a journey where you can always decide and take control of your own energy.

A team of people which main goal is change the world.

Ambition and enthusiasm are fundamental when it comes to having the positive attitude that lets us change our surroundings. At Holaluz we don’t only sell energy. We offer a long term relationship with our customers, based on trust. This can be seen in the way in which we connect with customers, in the service we offer and how we work. And, above all, it provides the peace of mind that you get in knowing that we take care of everything, always offering you the best.

“Those who say it can't be done, shouldn’t make trouble for those who are doing it.”

Energy can only be green

Green energy isn't just an option; is the solution. That's why we only sell energy that comes from renewable sources: solar, hydraulic, wind, biomass and biogas. All this energy is 100% certified by the CNMC (National Commission on Markets and Competition).

Find out how we bet on renewable energy!

At Holaluz you are in control of your own energy
We give you the tools so that you are free to manage your own energy. With you, we are building the future of electrical use: an energy model based on electric mobility, intelligent batteries and self-consumption. A much more democratic energy model; one in which we give all our electricity consumers real control over their own energy.

As a platform for energy exchange, we will make it possible for users who are producing more energy than they need to be able to feed it back into our system, allowing other users to “reserve the energy”.

Join the fair energy revolution and discover electricity rates that adapt to you

Es una forma sencilla de ahorrar y de cuidar el planeta utilizando energía renovable.
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