About us

We’re Holaluz, the company that’s been revolutionising the energy sector for nearly a decade. You and the planet are our motivation to be the way we are and do what we do.

A different way of looking at things

Will you help us work towards an energy model that’s simple and saves you money, as well as being 100% green? Our determination to do things differently means we’re leading the transformation of the energy sector. That’s why:

  • We only sell electricity that comes from 100% renewable sources.
  • Thanks to the use of technology, we offer you personalised products and rates that mean you can make savings
  • We give you the chance to be the owner of your energy.

We want to change the world.

We trust the people that we work for and with. That’s what characterises the way we are, and the way we operate. We want to connect people with energy that’s 100% renewable. That’s why, beyond just selling electricity, we like to build relationships with our clients, based on trust and freedom.

“Those who say it can't be done, shouldn’t make trouble for those who are doing it.”

The green light for green energy

Our aim is to create and live in a world that’s 100% renewable. Using green energy is the only way we can protect the planet. That’s why, whether it’s solar, hydraulic, wind, biomass or biogas, all the energy we sell is from renewable origins, 100% certified by the CNMC.

Renewable energy is our thing

Your energy, energy for all

The electricity of the future will be a model based on electrical transport and self-consumption. That means that you consume energy from your own solar panels and can share anything left over with other people. That’s what we're encouraging here at Holaluz. We want us all to own our own energy. Energy that’s yours is energy that you’re free to manage however you like.

Will you choose fair energy?

It’s a simple way of saving money and helping look after the planet by using renewable energy.

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