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Our best self-consumption with surplus quotas, just for you

At Holaluz we use our technology to help you get the very most out of your panels and your self-consumption surplus. Presenting the Cloud Fair Rate: the fixed monthly rate with which you take advantage of 100% of your surplus energy and save more than with surplus compensation or a traditional virtual battery.


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How the Cloud Fair Rate for self-consumption surplus works

You pay the same every month

No more worrying about changes in electricity prices or prices for surplus. With our self-cosumption quota, we make sure you always pay the same and aren't affected by the instability of the electricity market.

A rate adapted to you

Thanks to our technology, we adapt your rate to your needs so you never pay too much. If your habits change, we'll adjust your rate to your new needs, whether they've increased or decreased.

You save more

We cut down the total of your bill. You could even end up paying €0. On average, our clients save 50% on their electricity bill. More than with a normal virtual battery!

100% of your self-consumption surplus

Only with Holaluz and our Cloud Fair Rate can you take full advantage of your self-consumption surpluses. You also get to decide how you want to distribute the savings between your main residence and your second home.

We're transparent

Every 12 months we review your consumption and the price of electricity and renew your rate: it might stay the same, or go up or down. And if you should have paid less over the last 12 months we'll pay you the difference.

All in one

Your monthly rate includes everything: repair of electrical system faults and household appliance faults, power optimisation, energy consultancy and you won't pay the extra gas cap fee.

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You save 30% more than with a traditional surplus compensation rate.

On average, our customers save 30% on their electric bill with our self-consumption with surplus quota.

Holaluz Cloud Fair Rate: self-consumption surpluses

Thanks to our technology, we transform your annual consumption and production into a fixed monthy rate

You get 100% of your self-consumption surplus

Opportunity to reach €0 bill

Your bill is always the same

Free of management fees

You won't pay the extra gas cap fee

Surplus compensation from other traders

Self-consumption surpluses are multiplied by a price €/kWh and discounted from the variable part of your bill.

You get 100% of your self-consumption surplus

Opportunity to reach €0 bill

Your bill is always the same

Free of management fees

Extra gas cap fee included

Typical virtual battery model from other traders

Any self-consumption surpluses you haven't consumed in a month is accumulated in a virtual battery to be used later.

You get 100% of your self-consumption surplus

Opportunity to reach €0 bill

Your bill is always the same

Free of management fees

Extra gas cap fee included

Joining our self-consumption quota is that simple
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  • Sign up for the Cloud Fair Rate
    If you're still not getting compensation for your solar panels' self-consumption surpluses, we'll help you with the paperwork.
  • And that's it! Welcome to our Revolution!
    You'll save the very most with your rooftop and help more people have access to 100% green energy.
Self-consumption surpluses chart
Questions on self-consumption with surpluses quotas
  • Can I sell my excess solar energy?

    Yes, you can sell the surplus of your own consumption of solar energy produced by your solar panels. Following the implementation of Royal Decree 244/2019, which approved the simplified compensation mechanism, selling your solar energy to the grid is easier than ever. Check out Holaluz's tariffs for self-consumption with surpluses.

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  • What is self-consumption with surplus compensation?

    Simplified net metering is a mechanism for valuing the excess energy in a net metering system. The excess energy is compensated in the household's electricity bill at the self-consumption surplus compensation price agreed with the supplier (if it is a reference supplier, the self-consumption pool rate of the wholesale market is paid).

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  • Will I save more than with traditional net metering?

    With Holaluz's fixed monthly fee you can save 30% more on average than with simplified net metering. Because unlike traditional net metering:
    • You can save the full amount of your bill (charges and tolls included).
    • You will receive 100% of your savings. Even if the amount of your excess is higher than your consumption, it doesn't matter: remember that we deliver it to you during the year.
    • In addition, if at the end of the year you have generated more savings than we have delivered to you with your fixed fee, we will pay you the difference into your bank account.
  • Do I need to have an electricity contract with Holaluz?

    Yes, the law requires it. We need to register you because the excess compensation will be given to you as a discount on your electricity bill.
  • What documentation do I need?

    If you are already being compensated for your surpluses by another company, you only need to register with Holaluz. If your installation is recent and you are not yet receiving compensation, we will ask you for the documentation provided by your installer or installation company.
  • How long will it take me to get paid for my surpluses?

    If you are already being compensated for your surpluses by another company, we will compensate you automatically when you switch to Holaluz. If you are not yet being compensated for your excesses, the approximate period is 60 days.
  • What does it mean that you do not charge me the gas cap?

    In April, the Government limited the price of electricity, putting a cap on the price of gas. But limiting the price of gas generates an extra cost that companies can decide to pass on, or not, to their consumers. A cost that has been increasing -and will continue to do so- month by month (an average of 0.09€/kWh in June; 0.12€/kWh in July and 0.16€/kWh in August*). At Holaluz, as you can see, we do not charge you the gas cap.

    * Source: Organization of Consumers and Users.

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