Because we value 100% green energy and your contribution to the energy transition, we’ll pay you one of the best prices on the market for your self-consumption surplus: €0,10/kWh. And for the times when you need energy from the grid, we offer you an exceptional price so you can save even more: €0.261/kWh.


Get more for your solar panel surplus

Holaluz Cloud is our surplus trading technology that allows you to get the very most out of your solar installation. Want to find out more about our surplus compensation rates? Here goes.

We buy your excess energy at a great price

We buy your self-consumption surplus at €0,10/kWh. Because we value green energy, and your contribution to the energy translation.

We manage your surplus more quickly than anyone

We're experts, and pioneers in the green energy sector in Spain. We'll take care of the supplier switch in record time and advise you on the documentation you need so we can buy your solar panel surplus.

Optimised power at the best price

Thanks to our technology, and taking your consumption into account, we calculate the optimum power for you so you pay for what you really need. Add that to an unbeatable price, and you get maximum savings.

And if you need maintenance for your solar panels, we'll take care of that too.

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    Contract your energy supply and activate the Holaluz Cloud terms and conditions. If you’re still not getting compensation for your solar panel excess, we’ll help you with the paperwork.
  • And that’s it! Welcome to our Revolution!
    You’ll save the very most with your rooftop and help more people have access to 100% green energy.

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