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Now, the energy source is you.

What is distributed generation?

A distributed generation model is decentralised. Instead of producing electricity in large power plants miles away, solar energy is produced by small scale generators that produce electricity with no road miles to be used right under your own roof and in homes nearby.

Two models, two worlds.

Distributed Generation

100% green energy

No transport costs

No energy loss

Reduction of CO2 emissions

Limitless source

Low price

Generación Centralizada

Based on polluting+ fossil fuels

Cost of transport (tolls)

Loss of energy in transport

Climate change

Energy crisis

Price increases

Distributed generation, a forward-thinking choice

Holaluz installations change the energy model for everyone, forever, because distributed energy translates into structural savings.

Installing solar panels...

Distributed Solar Generation

(With Holaluz)

  • You could reduce your energy bill to €0, including the fixed amount.

  • You get the most out of your roof: you install more panels, produce more and save more. Each panel means between €5 and €10 euros of savings per month.

  • Your monthly saving is fixed and guaranteed in your contract. It doesn't matter if it's cloudy or raining.

  • The global demand for electricity will increase threefold over the coming years thanks to the appearance of new heating and cooling systems, new technologies, electric mobility...

  • You’ll generate more green energy, reduce CO2 by 30% more and accelerate the change in the energy model.


(With other companies)

  • There's a limit to the savings you can make on your energy bill.

  • You don’t get the most of your rooftop: you install fewer panels, produce less and save less.

  • Your savings will vary every month. This is a variable rate.

  • When you want to switch to an electric car, you won’t have the capacity to charge it.

  • You produce less solar energy, don’t cut down as much CO2 and the change in the energy model takes longer.

Our aim: for your bill to be €0, and for you to start earning money

If your rooftop is ideal and you can install lots of solar panels, with Holaluz you could get your bill down to €0. And there’s more! If once your bill is down to €0 you’ve got savings left over, you can decide what to do with them:

  • Cut down another electricity bill.

  • Get it paid into your current account.

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Join the Rooftop Revolution

You could generate solar energy at home too

There are 10 million viable rooftops in our country that, along with yours, are going to change the world. Because with your help, the sky’s the limit for The Rooftop Revolution.

We'll cover 80% of the country's electricity needs.

We'll reduce the price of energy for everyone, forever, by 60%.

We'll provide 100% green energy to the owner, and to nearby properties.

We'll reach the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals 2 years sooner.

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