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Get the most out of subsidies for solar panels with Holaluz

You're already saving on your bill, and doing the environment a favour with your solar panels. But on top of that, there are currently different subsidies and grants available to you. Which makes it even clearer that the time to get a solar installation is now!
In Spain, there are different solar energy grants and subsidies designed to encourage the installation of photovoltaic panels, promote the generation of renewable energy and drive the energy transition. On top of the evident financial and social benefits of installing solar panels, we're complying with commitments and objectives related to renewable energies and cutting emissions.

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The time is now

There are subsidies or grants for the installation of solar panels that end in 2023, so will only apply to photovoltaic installations that are completed before 31/12/2023. So if you're thinking about starting to save with a solar panel installation, now’s the best time! Want to calculate how much you’ll save on solar panels? It’s important to take into account that policies and programs related to solar energy grants can change over time, and that they depend on the government, not on Holaluz.
Due to the variability of said grants and subsidies for solar panels, it’s a good idea to check the latest announcements and specific requirements of the relevant institutions. You can consult the IDAE (Instituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energía - Institution for Energy Diversification and Saving), your Autonomous Community, or your local council to get the most up-to-date information about grants available for the installation of solar panels in Spain.
Questions about grants for solar panels? We’ve got the answers

You’re sure to have questions about the solar panel subsidies, and we love anticipating your needs.

  • What do I have to do to get a subsidy for solar panels?

    Nothing at all. We only ask you to authorise us so that we can do it all for you. Some companies will advise you, but at Holaluz we do it all for you, adapting to the legislation in each Autonomous Community and making sure the money goes straight to your bank account.
  • When will I receive the subsidy?

    That will depend on your Autonomous Community, but if it’s granted then by law there’s a limit of 2 years from the submission of the request.
  • What does the percentage assigned depend on?

    The percentage of the grant for your solar panels varies depending on the characteristics of the installation and size of the municipality. The authorities decide on the final percentage granted, but at Holaluz we always try to make sure you get the maximum amount possible.
  • Can I apply for multiple Next Generation subsidies? Is it compatible with the IBI?

    Each subsidy has its particularities, we will advise you in each case according to the specific characteristics of the aid. However, these subsidies are usually compatible with the IBI and ICIO tax rebates set by each municipality.
  • Is there a deadline for requesting grants for solar panels?

    The grants for solar panels are available for installations from 1st July 2021 onwards, until funds run out. There is a set amount for each Autonomous Community, which will assign subsidies on a first-come first-served basis until it runs out. So it couldn’t be clearer: now’s the time to join the Revolution!

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