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IBI rebate for solar panel installations

By now, we're sure you know all about the huge advantages of installing solar panels and the savings you can enjoy from day one. But did you know that in Spain you can access numerous subsidies for solar energy, which make life even easier? This time, we're going to highlight the benefits of the Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles (property tax) rebate for the installation of solar panels. How is it calculated? How much could you save?

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Solar panel installations and the IBI reduction

First off, what is the IBI?

Well, it's an annual, local tax (regulated by Royal Legislative Decree 2/2004) that's levied on the value of property assets such as dwellings, car parks, storage spaces or commercial premises, whether they're urban, rustic or have special characteristics.

Renewable energy incentives

When you install solar panels, one of the benefits might be an exemption from or reduction of IBI. Many councils offer IBI incentives to private individuals and companies that invest in renewable energies, including solar energy.

Up to 50% discount

As it's a local tax by each council, the benefit of adding solar panels is different depending on where you live, and rebates can cover up to 50% of the total IBI for a certain period.

What grants are available in my city?

At Holaluz we manage the subsidies for you and we help you with the procedures for the IBI and IRPF bonus.

By installing solar panels with the IBI discount...

You save more than ever on your energy bill

The Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles (IBI) is a local property tax, and when you install solar panels you can enjoy IBI rebates of up to 50% for 5 years. Check your IBI rebate depending on where you live.

You maximise your return on investment

When you combine the savings on your energy bill with the IBI benefits when you install solar panels, the return on investment (ROI) improves significantly. Want to know how much you'd save? Come on in and calculate your rate.

You cut greenhouse gas emissions

Of course, making the decision to install solar panels isn’t all about the IBI rebate. It also means you contribute to cutting greenhouse gas emissions, supporting the creation of a healthier environment and furthering the energy transition.

Application and requirements for IBI rebate for solar panels

The IBI rebate for solar panel installation isn't applied immediately when your panels are installed. You have to request it from the corresponding council. Each council will have its own specific rules and procedures for the IBI rebate application. Here are the three routes available to you:




You can apply using the Council's Oficina Virtual (virtual office). In the majority of cases, they will ask for some kind of proof of identity, such as a Digital Certificate, electronic DNI or secure user key. However, there are also some councils that will allow those who don’t have a digital certificate to apply online, if they enter an email address. In these cases, they may give you a time period during which you will need to present yourself at the relevant council office to sign the application. You will be able to decide how you would like them to notify you that your application has been processed.

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