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Batteries for solar panels with Holaluz

Get the most out of your solar installation and take the Rooftop Revolution to the next level with a solar battery.

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Another step towards a new energy model

Another step towards a new energy model

With the solar batteries, we can make use of energy that we couldn't before. That means you use 100% of the electricity you produce and adapt to your home's energy needs, whilst we all move forwards together as part of the energy transition.

Why choose Holaluz to add batteries for solar panels to your installation?

More peace of mind

We're Spanish partners for the sale and certified installation of Tesla Powerwall solar batteries. We also offer solar batteries from Sungrow, a market-leading manufacturer of inverters and a Bloomberg Top #1 ranked company.

More simplicity

There's no need to keep track of an app or try and figure out how and when to use your solar battery. We get the most out of it for you and reduce the amount you pay for your Solar Fair Rate.

More savings

100% of solar installations that add a solar panel battery save more and, on average, manage to reduce the amount they pay for their Solar Fair Rate by between €25 and €40 a month.

More sustainability

At Holaluz we install the maximum number of solar panels possible to maximise your potential production. For every extra solar panel installed with us, you'll save the atmosphere 3 tonnes of CO2 over the course of its useful life.

What are solar batteries?

What are solar batteries?

Batteries for solar panels are devices that store energy generated by solar panels that are part of a photovoltaic installation. They're used to release stored electricity on demand. For example, it can provide you with energy at times when your solar panels aren't producing it.

Solar batteries are a new element of Holaluz's ecosystem of products and services. They complement the virtual battery helping us accelerate the transition to a more sustainable energy model.

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Adding a solar battery to your installation:

  • Enjoy greater autonomy, deciding when and how to use the stored electricity from your solar panels.

  • Use 100% of the (free!) energy your rooftop produces and cut down your bill.

  • Boost the power available at your dwelling without having to contract more, and without any increase to the fixed costs included in your solar rate.

Frequently asked questions

Is it worth having a battery for solar panels?

It depends on each home's production and consumption. As a general rule, it might interest people that tend to use most energy at times when their panels aren't producing it (normally at night), or those with a lot of self-consumption surpluses.

What difference is there between a virtual battery and a physical solar battery?

A physical battery for solar panels allows you to store excess energy that your panels produce as and when you need it. A virtual battery , on the other hand, stores your excess energy in the cloud and returns it to you when you need it, whether that’s in kWh or in the form of money. At Holaluz, our virtual battery accumulates money. The energy you don’t use is converted into euros, allowing you to cut down the electricity bill for another property. The best part is, with Holaluz you can have both, because they complement each other perfectly.

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