Sungrow batteries for solar panels

Maximise the potential of your photovoltaic installation with the Sungrow solar battery: the best value for money batteries for solar panels.

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Solar batteries for a new energy model

Solar panels on the roof of an industrial warehouse

Holaluz's priority is to always give our clients the best service. And that means we want you to have the best materials on the market. Sungrow is the world's leading company in intelligent energy solutions, and is classified as Tier1 by Bloomberg.

We offer you two models of Sungrow batteries for solar panels so you can get the very most out of your panels and reduce your bill as much as possible, maybe even to €0.

Sungrow 9.6
Sungrow 6.4

Why choose a Sungrow solar battery?


A safe, dependable storage solution that's sufficient for your energy needs, offering unbeatable value for money.

Capacity and power

You can double your level of self-sufficiency compared to a photovoltaic installation without solar batteries.

Comprehensive management

This is a complete solution (hybrid inverter+battery) from Sungrow, offering the user optimised, comprehensive and robust energy management between the solar installation and the photovoltaic battery.


Sungrow batteries for solar panels (6.4/9.6) have a compact design that means they can be installed in small spaces, whether inside or outside.


Thanks to the 3.2kWh/battery modules, the user has the option to increase the storage capacity quickly and cost-effectively in future.

Size and weight

These solar batteries are light, meaning they can be installed by just one person.


These batteries are designed with safety, reliability and ease of installation in mind (plug & play mode).

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