Renewable energy producers

We represent renewable energy producers in order to provide green energy to the market. Because we believe in and promote clean energy. And because we know that this is the key to incentivizing the synergy between sales and production.

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What do we propose?

A tailor-made offer designed to favor your interests.

  • Price

    We'll purchase your energy through physical bilateral contracts. We'll manage your short, medium and long term risk with financial contracts.

  • Optimizing revenues

    We'll negotiate on the physical markets. Participation in the system adjustment services. We'll create a market to highlight your Guarantees of Origin.

  • Reduced costs

    We'll compensate the cost due to deviations. We'll offer a fair price for the representation.

  • Adaptability

    Everyone has their own needs. And we want to satisfy them. Tell us your needs and we'll adapt to them. Flexibility above all.

We'll take care of everything

You just have to think about producing energy. We'll take care of the rest.

  • Proceesses with the Market Operator and System Operator:

    We'll take care of managing the registration process and you don't have to worry about a thing. With the appropriate documentation, next month we can start the journey together.

  • Management of the sales forecasts on the Daily Market and Intra-daily adjustments:

    Based on your operating program, we'll place the energy on the market and we'll adjust it if you expect any change. If you have a photovoltaic installation, we'll take care of the forecast.

  • Managing market payments:

    Once the energy is sent to the market, we'll take care of invoicing it quickly and efficiently.

  • Settlement of contributions to the National Commission on Markets and Competition:

    We can manage your payments also in the CNMC. Resettlements, adjustment coefficients, minimum operating times... Leave your concerns aside by entering into indirect representation.

  • Processing and managing the Guaranteed Origin:

    We here in are aware and we want to make green energy our banner. As such, we process the Guaranteed Origin of our installations with the CNMC: so that our clients can contribute to a better, cleaner and greener world.

  • Follow up on the sector news:

    In order to offer the best service, it is essential to be up to date with all that's happening in the energy sector. We here in monitor the sector's activity daily, so that nothing goes by unnoticed.

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