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The maintenance of your solar panels, in good hands

At Holaluz, we offer full maintenance of photovoltaic panels so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our experience speaks for itself: we already manage more than 9000 installations.

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Good maintenance of solar panels is key

An installation without optimum solar panel maintenance can lead to their performance decreasing by up to 10%. At Holaluz, we want you to make the very most of your solar panels. That’s why we offer the best solar panel maintenance service on the market.

Protect your savings

By avoiding the performance of your installation suffering, it’s more likely that you’ll maintain your savings year after year.

The most comprehensive solar panel maintenance

For your peace of mind, our photovoltaic maintenance includes an annual solar panel cleaning and check, and an incident resolution service.

Safety first

The maintenance of solar panels should be carried out by professionals who are able to work at heights and have electrical knowledge. At Holaluz, we guarantee an effective inspection and safe cleaning.

What does the photovoltaic maintenance service include?

Our solar panel maintenance service includes both prevention and correction:

Preventative maintenance

Prevention is the key to avoiding any incidents. That’s why we carry out:

  • An annual cleaning of your solar panels.

  • An annual check of all the components of the installation, electrical connections and fixtures accessible on the roof.

Corrective maintenance

We don’t want you to have any issues at all. But if you do, don’t worry! You’ll have:

  • Extension of the breakdown and incident resolution service that’s already included with your installation for the first 3 years.

  • Remote monitoring of how the solar panel installation operates. If we detect an incident, we’ll resolve it in less than 3 working days if it’s urgent or in 2 weeks if it’s not.

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Find out how to reduce your electricity bill to €0 and keep your installation at full capacity with our photovoltaic maintenance service.

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Solar panels and maintenance: FAQs

At Holaluz we believe our energy should always be green, and things should always be simple. That’s why we’ve laid out answers to the most common questions we’re asked about solar panel maintenance. Check them out!

  • What faults are included in the incident resolution service?

    This includes problems related to the solar control panel, the inverter, yield drops, failures in the monitoring of energy consumption or production, and internet communication. Spare parts under €50, 3 hours labour and travel time are also included.
  • When are the checks and cleaning done?

    You can request checks from 4 months after the panels are installed. They will be complete within 1-2 days.
    • If you schedule the inspection yourself, we’ll agree on a date in less than 48 hours. The checks will be carried out within 2 weeks.
    • If you don’t request the inspection, we’ll get in touch to arrange a date:
      • If we don’t detect any errors, we’ll carry out the checks within a month.
      • If we detect any errors, it will be within a maximum of 2 weeks.
  • Can I clean my solar panels myself?

    For your safety, we recommend solar panels are cleaned by a professional. Bear in mind that this is a task carried out at height, involving water in a place where there is electricity. It’s very important to take precautionary measures and to use insulating protective equipment. In addition, pressure washing or overusing detergents when cleaning your solar panels can damage them.
  • How often do solar panels have to be cleaned?

    Solar panels only require one deep clean per year. These installations are designed to withstand all types of weather and to be outdoors. There's no need to worry about them breaking, but proper maintenance of your solar panels will help you get the most out of them.
  • What else should I take into account?

    Looking out for anything that could block the sun is another aspect of solar panel maintenance that needs to be taken into account. For example, from time to time it’s necessary to check there are no leaves on the panels that could affect production, or whether the branch of a tree has grown too high and is blocking the sun

Leave us your phone and we'll call you whenever you want

If you prefer, call us. It's free.

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from 9:00AM to 9:00PM, Monday to Friday

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