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The price of electricity today: a real headache

If you're here, it's probably because you're wondering what time to put the washing machine on depending on the price of electricity today. We're here to give you a simple explanation of how the price of electricity is established on a daily basis, because we know worrying about this everyday can be exhausting.

Evolution of electricity prices

The price of electricity has increased significantly recently due to a combination of the current system of electricity generation based on expensive and unsustainable fossil fuels, the energy crisis and the recovery of activity after the pandemic.

How the price of electricity is established

The wholesale electricity market, also known as the “pool”, has its own system for determining the price of electricity today... and forever. Energy producers sell their energy to buyers on a daily basis. Under this model, bids are submitted for the upcoming 24 hours. All energy is sold at the price of the most expensive bid necessary to cover the demand for energy. That means anyone who has an electricity tariff indexed to the market price has to keep track of the price of electricity at all times.

The solution: The Rooftop Revolution

An electricity tariff based on peace of mind

At Holaluz we're convinced that day-to-day life is complex enough without our customers having to worry about timetables, variability, energy prices, storms or heat waves... Our customers have the right to enjoy themselves, worry-free.

That's why we created the Fair Rate: our fixed electricity rate. An electricity tariff that means you can rest easy in the knowledge you're paying a fair price for your 100% green energy, today and every day.

If we could cover all electricity requirements with 100% green energy produced by solar panels on people's homes, the price of energy would come down forever. That's why we believe that the Rooftop Revolution is the only solution for bringing down prices once and for all. The volatility of electricity prices is inevitable until we change the way we produce and consume energy.

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