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The electricity rate so you don't have to think about schedules. With Holaluz's Classic Rate you will have the same price 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We take care of bringing you a fair price for your 100% green energy. What is the best time to put the washing machine on? Whenever you want. You choose.

3 prices to plan your savings

Rate 3

If what you are looking for is flexibility, the 3-price electricity rate allows you to save the most if you plan your consumption and take advantage of the cheapest time slot (nights and weekends). With Rate 3 you have control over your energy and your monthly expenses.

How the price of electricity is established

The price of a kWh of electricity

Electricity prices summary today

Friday, July 19, 2024


*Source: Red Eléctrica de España

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Un hombre levantando los brazos en celebración

Holaluz's Fixed Tariff, the customised flat electricity tariff

Installation of solar panels on a roof

Want to install solar panels?

Installation of solar panels on a roof

The advantages of installing solar panels in your home

You will save on your bills

You contribute to a sustainable future

Energy autonomy

Energy efficiency

Also, if you want or have a solar panel installation with Holaluz, what better than charging your electric vehicle at home? This way you will only use 100% green energy from Km0 to move around. Join Holaluz's Roof Revolution and move towards a future energy model.

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