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La energía verde no es una opción, es la solución.

100% green electricity State it on your website or on your company's door so that the whole world knows.

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Aceptamos que no todos somos iguales, por eso tu factura tampoco

Personalized study of your contract with a knowledgeable personal assessor helping you every step of the way, forget the middle man!

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Sin permanencias, trabajamos para que estés satisfecho.

We work hard for your overall satisfaction, but you are free to leave at any time.

Because we want you to only have to worry about your business

We'll take care of everything related with your electricity

We'll take care of processing all your paperwork.

Multipoint Service. Online management and everything in one document.

Save up to 30% on your bill without changes to your installation.

Our prices are fair and transparent. No hidden costs.

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And it's not only us saying it...

...our clients do too.

"Consuming green energy allows us to keep the ISO 14001 certification and reduce our environmental impact... and without paying more for it!"

Javier Rueda

Director of Internal Systems of Setex Aparki SA.

"We've signed up for @Holaluzcom. Happy and proud that there are energy companies that promote sustainability and going green."

Mais que Brincos - @maisquebrincos

Holaluz Follower on Twitter

"They managed to allow me to save 30% because they were able to resolve a change of power that my previous company refused to do for me. And with a smile."

Rubén Martínez

Alquila Soluciones de Espacio SL.

"Holaluz' client attention is very efficient and quickly solved the incidents.
We're very satisfied with your service."

Joan Sabaté and Ana-Maria Londoño

Cooltra Motos

"Our business is people-based, so, how could I not be happy to have them on the other side for anything that comes up?"

Miquel Isanta

Cofounder of Moltacte SCCL.

"It was difficult to believe that changing the school's electricity company would help but I'm very happy with the price and with the green energy. And even more so with the service!"

Patricia Tasker

Director of Badalona Idiomes SL.

"What is essential is invisible to the eye"

Antoine Saint-Exupéry and Holaluz

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Get informed by calling us on

900 67 07 07

or let us call you

By clicking "Call me" I confirm I have accept Holaluz's privacy policy.