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Everything you need to know about solar panel prices

Are you looking for solar panels at the best price? You've come to the right place to find out everything about solar panel tariffs and much more! Let an Holaluz solar expert inform you about the price of your solar panels and answer all your questions, with a no-obligation quote.


When you compare companies, solar panels, offers or tariffs...

Take into account that there are lots of solar panel companies out there. But not all of them guarantee maximum savings. With Holaluz you can reduce your electricity bill to €0, and even earn money with your electricity tariff with solar panels. Oh! And we take care of everything for you. Say hello to our Fair Solar Rate.

Self-consumption solar panel companies

They install fewer panels, so you produce less and save less.

After the panels have been installed you need to look for an electricity company that offers you an electricity rate with solar panels that provides you with energy during the night and legalises the installation so that you can receive compensation for surplus.

They don't legalise your installation or process grants or subsidies.

Solar Fair Rate with Holaluz

It's an all-inclusive fixed electricity rate with solar panels that adapts to your consumption habits.

You can cut your bill, including the fixed part, down to €0. You could even earn money.

Your bill will always be fixed: you'll always pay the same.

We take care of everything: the installation, the solar panel installation permits, subsidies or aids, and a compensation for your self-consumption surpluses.

You get the most out of your roof: you install more panels, produce more and save more money and CO2.

All included: energy advice and extended repair service, breakdown and maintenance for your solar panels.

Trading company with surplus compensation

They install and legalise your panels but don't allow you to cut your bills down to €0 (you only save on the energy section of your bill).

Your bill and savings will vary every month. This is a variable rate.

You're not protected: your savings depend on the price of electricity and the excess determined by the electricity market at any given moment.

Your savings depend on the weather.

Not all of them process, legalise and apply for the NextGen grant for you.

It's not magic, it's the Rooftop Revolution.

Your personalised solar panel offer
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Want to compare solar panel offers and prices? Have our proposal close at hand!

Solar panels without initial investment

You don't need to know the cost or tariff of your solar installation to enjoy its benefits.

We offer two payment options


If you wish, you can finance 100% of the installation cost.


You will have to pay 50% of its value once you have signed and the remaining 50% before installation.

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