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Your Fair Energy Rate includes electrical maintenance

At Holaluz, electrical maintenance is included in your fixed rate so you don't have to worry about a thing.

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What does the electrical maintenance service include?

Our electrical maintenance service includes electrical fault resolution and household appliance repair.

Electrical supply faults in your home

The maintenance of an electrical installation is essential in any dwelling, but sometimes things come up that prevent us from enjoying our homes. That's why we provide an extensive electrical fault repair service. It includes:

  • Up to €1,200 per year for repairs of faults affecting the electrical installation of your home.

  • At-home electrical repairs of sockets, switches, fuses, doorbells, transformers, power lines, differentials and fuse boxes.

Household appliance faults

And so that you're even more relaxed about things, our electrical fault repair service also includes a free electrical repair service for large appliances (fridge, freezer, washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher, ceramic hob, induction hob and oven):

  • Covers €125 including parts, labour and travel costs. If at any time you exceed that amount, don't worry, you'll only have to pay the difference for the part.

  • You can use this whenever you need to.

  • Free phone assistance 365 days a year.

Electrical maintenance service

One handyman service per year for up to 3 hours of work, including labour and travel. It also includes:

  • Electrician: replacement of plugs, switches and circuits.

  • DIY: repairing door handles and adjusting doors, installing ceiling fans/ceiling lights, hanging pictures, shelves, shelves or wall lamps, adjusting kitchen unit doors, fitting hangers and coat racks and installing curtain rods.

On top of that, the electrical maintenance service also includes:

  • Cost of the necessary electrical repairs: includes the technician's travel costs, labour, parts, materials, tools, machinery and possible taxes resulting from the repair if they do not exceed the limits of the cover.

  • 6-month guarantee on all electrical repairs.

  • If the appliance can't be repaired due to parts being required, another visit can be scheduled once the part is available. If the appliance is more than 15 years old and can't be fixed because the parts aren't available, you will have to buy a new one, but the visit will be free (usually around €70).

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Electrical maintenance: FAQs

At Holaluz we believe our energy should always be green, and things should always be simple. That's why we've laid out answers to the most common questions about solar panel maintenance. And here they are!

  • What elements are included in the domestic electrical network?

    All the elements covered (see the list above) that are within the boundaries of the home.
  • What is the limit of the cover for the domestic electricity network?

    Up to €1200 annually, with no limits on the number of visits. Work carried out by professionals who aren't authorised by Holaluz.
  • What is the limit of the cover for electrical appliances?

    Up to €125 annually on appliances less than 2 years old or more than 15 years old. You can request the electrical repair of an appliance that's more than 15 years old if you accept the quote and cost, as this is not included in the service.
  • Does the electrical maintenance service have a grace period?

    Yes, the electrical maintenance service has a grace period of 15 days. That means you won't be able to use it for electrical fault repair for the first 15 days after signing up for the service.
  • What items are excluded from the electrical maintenance service?

    Irrigation systems, swimming pool pump wiring, time or temperature controls in heating or water networks, TDS cables, terrestrial radio or television antennas, telephone wiring, smoke detectors, boilers, hoods, air conditioners, small household appliances or any brown goods, meters, lamps, light bulbs, wall lights, solar panels, underfloor heating, recessed lighting in furniture and any items exposed to external climatic factors.
  • What electrical repairs are excluded from the electrical maintenance service?

    • Repair of damage to those items that don't come under the domestic electrical network or household appliances covered, such as replacements for aesthetic reasons or internal installations.
    • Damage suffered by electrical appliances as a result of damage to the electrical installation of the home due to lightning strikes, short circuits, power surges or other similar electrical issues.
    • Electrical repairs related to the general maintenance of the dwelling.
    • Electrical repairs or replacements of parts and installations.
    • Intentional or malicious acts on the part of the insured person, and the negligent or erroneous use of the domestic electrical network.
    • Installation service for new appliances.
    • Under no circumstances does it include damage of an aesthetic nature, such as scratches, scrapes or cracks or damage that does not prevent the normal use of electrical appliances. Sockets and connection points for electrical appliances are not included.
    • Three-phase installations. In these cases, it would only apply to household appliances or very small parts of the installation.
    • Our electrical maintenance does not cover food spoilage caused by an electrical fault in a fridge and/or freezer.

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