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Install solar panels, reduce your bill to €0 and earn money

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Larger savings and peace of mind

Reduce your bill to €0 and earn money

We are the only ones that can reduce your electricity bill to €0 and, if you still have more savings, we accumulate them and we pay you in installments. This is thanks to our unique model of distributed generation.
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Get the most out of your roof

We install the maximum number of solar panels that your roof allows. And it's very easy: if you install more panels, you produce more and you save more. Each extra solar panel gives you between 5€ and 10€ of extra savings per month.

Your savings are guaranteed

We deliver your savings in a fixed fee guaranteed by contract. Even if it rains, your savings are the same. Every year we review and adjust this fixed fee according to your consumption pattern.

And if you already have panels...

Get more out of them with Holaluz Cloud! We buy all your surplus at €0.100/kWh

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Holaluz Cloud

This is how your solar installation will work

Simple and fast installation with guarantees
Solar structure Solar panels Electric car charger Inverter Smart meter

Solar panels

Transform the sun's energy into non-consumable electrical energy.


Convert the energy captured by your panels into energy compatible with that used in your home.

Smart meter

Keeps a running total of the electricity you consume from the grid, and the surplus you inject into it.

Electricity consumption

The electrical energy used by your heating system, your electric vehicle, your household appliances...


Communicates your energy consumption and generation information so that you can check it in your customer area or in your app.

Electric car charger

Ask us about the option of obtaining a charging point for your electric car together with your solar panels.

Calculate your savings

We take care of everything

You provide the roof, we'll take care of the rest




Paperwork and grants

Maintenance and monitoring

Components and guarantees

Joining the Revolution should be within everyone's reach. We adapt to you and offer you two payment options

  • In cash: you will have to pay 50% of its value once you have signed and the remaining 50% before installation.
  • Funded: if you want you can finance 100% of the cost of the installation through:
    BBVA: 5% TIN up to 12 years.
    Banc Sabadell: 0% TIN up to 12 months and 5,6% up to 15 years.

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