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Install solar panels and reduce your bill to €0

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Get the most out of your solar panels, with maximum peace of mind

Premium installation

We take care of all the arrangements and guarantee the best solar panel installation thanks to our own team of installers, our top-quality materials and barely any wait time: we'll install them in less than 45 days.

Maximum savings

We install more solar panels than anyone and compensate your whole bill to achieve our aim: reduce any bill to €0, or even earn you money

Fair Rate

Enjoy the only fixed solar rate on the market. Your savings will be fixed, and your bill will be too. You'll pay the same every month, with everything included, without worrying about the price of electricity or surplus.


Add a battery for solar panels and make the most of your installation.
Take your roof to the next level and take a step closer to a new energy model.

More information about batteries

What is the Fair Rate?

Fixed monthly instalment

Your bill will be fixed, and your savings will be too. Your fixed monthly bill could even be cut down to €0. And if you've got savings left over, you could also earn money or cut down any other bills you have with us.

A rate that adapts to you, not the other way around

We'll only modify your rate (whether it increases or decreases) if your consumption or production habits change. Changes in electricity prices of surplus won't affect you.

Reviews every 12 months, only in your favour

After 12 months, we'll review your production and consumption. If you've paid too much, we'll pay you back. If you've paid too little, we won't ask you for the difference.

Premium maintenance included

Twice-yearly cleaning of your solar panels, monitoring your installation, fault resolution and household appliance repair.

And if you already have solar panels...

Get more out of your solar panels with Holaluz Cloud!

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Holaluz Cloud

This is how your photovoltaic panels will work

Quick and simple installation, with guarantees
Solar panels Solar structure Inverter Smart meter Electric car charger Battery (coming soon)

Solar panels

Capture solar energy and transform it into electrical energy (continuous current).

Solar structure

System used to support solar panels in a suitable position to capture as much solar energy as possible.


Converts the energy generated by your panels (continuous current) into electrical energy ready to be used in your home (alternating current).

Smart meter

Keeps track of the energy you consume from the grid, the energy you consume generated by your panels, and your surplus.


It is an accumulator device that stores the energy generated by your solar panels.

Electric vehicle charger

Available soon.

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We take care of everything

With Holaluz, enjoying solar panels at home is easy.




Paperwork and grants

Maintenance and monitoring

Components and guarantees

Anyone should be able to join the Revolution. We adapt to you, and offer payment options.

  • Up front: You'll need to pay 50% when you sign, and the other 50% before the installation of your solar panels.
  • Financed: If you like, you can finance 100% of the cost of your photovoltaic installation.

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