How can I calculate how many solar panels I need?

When you decide to install solar panels, one of the crucial aspects is calculating how many solar panels you need. It’s very important to make the very most of your rooftop so you can recover your initial investment as soon as possible, and maximise your monthly savings. Keep reading to find out how we calculate how many solar panels you need.


We’ll calculate how many solar panels you need for you, so you can make the most of your rooftop

At Holaluz we’ve got a clear goal: for you to pay €0 on your electricity bill, or as little as possible. Or even for you to have surplus savings. If that’s the case for you, you can use that saving to reduce other bills, or get it paid into your bank account. Whatever you like!

Calculate the number of solar panels you need

Save more with Holaluz

At Holaluz, we’re all about distributed generation installations. Unlike traditional self-consumption, these installations allow the number of solar panels to be calculated differently.

With Holaluz

With distributed generation, you can reduce the whole electricity bill to €0, including the fixed costs and rates portion. That means you could take your electricity bill down to €0 or, in some cases, even earn money. As there isn’t a legal limit, we’ll calculate the optimum number of panels. We install as many solar panels as your roof allows.

With self-consumption

There’s a limit to the savings you can make on your energy bill. You’ll still pay the fixed costs and rates portion of your bill. As there’s that legal limit, they’ll calculate a smaller number of panels that will only cover that section of the bill.

Want to find out more about distributed generation?

This is what your bill will look like

Without solar panels

Panels with other companies

With Holaluz

Variable part 60%

Fixed part 40%

Fixed part 40%

Extra savings

You can cut your bill down to 0€ and, if you have savings left, you also can:

Cut down other electricity bills

Have it paid into your account

Calculate how many solar panels I need

With every panel you save an extra €10 a month

It’s simple: the more solar panels you have, the more energy you produce, the more leftover energy you have to sell and, in the end, the more you save. Basically, you get the very most out of your rooftop.

You Produce

We’ll install more panels than other companies so you can produce more energy. If you have more solar panels, you’ll have more surplus to sell.

You cell

We’ll buy all the energy you don’t use. With no limits. That’s how we can get your bill down to €0, or you can even start earning money.

You Spread the Word

Your extra energy reaches homes near you. We accelerate the change in the energy model, giving people access to local green energy.

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