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Building the biggest renewable energy community

At Holaluz we're building the biggest renewable energy community you can imagine: a network of energy that's clean, decentralised, decarbonised, local and accessible. We're demonstrating every day, that the Rooftop Revolution is possible, and that we're committed to a planet that's ever more sustainable and green.
And, at Holaluz, when we talk about 100% green energy, we're always referring to renewable energy. For us, green energy is the renewable energy that underpins our commitment to a more sustainable planet.
We want to transform the 10 million rooftops available in Spain into producers of renewable energy, making electricity more economical for everyone. And you're a vital part of this revolution!

Roofs with solar panels

Join the greenest community

There are various companies on the market offering clean energy tariffs. But we focus exclusively on offering 100% renewable energy, also known as green energy. This is the distinction between those that consider it to simply be just another product, and those of us who are concerned with the planet and only use energy from sources of renewable energy.

At Holaluz, we believe in a future in which renewable energy plays a leading role, and we work to make that possible every day. Join our community of people committed to the planet, and together we'll build a better, more sustainable future!

Holaluz: energy transition and renewable energy

Renewable energy, also known as green energy, is energy generated by inexhaustible natural resources. Renewable energies are wind, hydraulic, solar and biomass. These sources of energy offer us an alternative that's respectful of the environment, liberating the planet from its dependency on fossil fuels and their impact on climate change.

At Holaluz, we're taking things to the next level! We're focused on connecting people to renewable energy. But what does that mean? Through the intensive use of data and technology, we're creating a huge virtual power plant that will make it possible to decommission fossil fuel power plants and build the electricity grid of the future:

  • Electricity is produced and consumed in homes with solar panels and batteries.
  • The surplus goes into the local network so that other customers who don't have rooftops can benefit from energy that's green, cheap and local, with no transport or distribution costs.
  • Flexible assets such as batteries for solar panels and electric car chargers allow customers to use green and proximity electricity throughout the day with minimal fixed costs.

With us, if you consume energy from the grid at any time, that energy will also be of 100% renewable origin. We want to make the most of every roof's potential. Yes, yours too! Because our sole focus is on people and the planet.

Where does the renewable energy we buy come from?


Electricity obtained from the use of biomass (agricultural, forestry, etc.) as fuel.


Wind energy

Electricity obtained from the wind, which transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy.


Photovoltaic solar energy

We take advantage of the energy of the sun through photovoltaic solar panels.


Thermoelectric solar energy

Electricity generated from the sun in thermoelectric power plants.


Hydraulic energy

It comes from the water of swamps and reservoirs (when it is released suddenly, it produces electrical energy).


Biomass (waste)

The energy contained in waste (paper, cardboard, organic waste...) as fuel and which is used to generate electricity.

At Holaluz we want to make a difference and contribute to improving our world, which is why adopting sustainable measures is vital.

But we're relying on you! You can choose a company that focuses exclusively on providing green energy and working with sources of renewable energy.

Holaluz's renewable model: benefits for you, and the planet

At Holaluz, you're at the centre of everything we do. That will always be our foundation, and our priority. With us, you’ll get constant savings, speed, agility and transparency. What’s more, our energy management is based on a model that's 100% renewable. Discover how to get the very most out of renewable energy and start saving with Holaluz:

Maximise your savings with renewable energy

At Holaluz, we maximise the potential of rooftops and efficiently manage flexible assets to deliver guaranteed savings of over 70%. With our renewable energy solutions, you could significantly reduce your electricity bill and play your part in taking care of the environment.

The Fair Rate, for your peace of mind

Our Fair Rate guarantees savings after the installation of solar panels. Through a monthly bill based on a fixed subscription, you can enjoy a fair, transparent price. Thanks to our advanced use of technology, we can optimise your consumption and maximise your savings. Our method means you'll always have peace of mind and total control over your energy expenditure.

We're always by your side

At Holaluz we take care of the whole solar panels installation process, from start to finish. In addition, for the duration of your relationship with us, our technology and maintenance services will guarantee ongoing energy management. We're here to help!

The value of sustainability at Holaluz

When you choose Holaluz, you choose a sustainable future. We guarantee that all the electricity we provide is 100% renewable energy. With us, you're actively contributing to the protection of the environment and the reduction of emissions.

Join the Rooftop Revolution and be a part of the move towards a more sustainable world. With Holaluz, renewable energy is within your reach. More so than ever! Save on your electricity bill and do your bit for the planet. Start enjoying the benefits of renewable energy with Holaluz!

100% renewable achievements

At Holaluz, all the energy we offer is renewable, which means that the more people join us, the more we boost sources of sustainable energy and can actively contribute to the creation of a greener planet. We're renewable, we're green, but we're also transparent. And we'd to show you some of our achievements in the world of renewable energies:

  • We've demonstrated that it is possible to have a real impact on people and on climate change. Our goal for the future is for everyone to be able to enjoy clean energy, exclusively, and for everything.

  • The National Markets and Competition Commission (Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia, CNMC) certifies that the electricity supplied by our producers is 100% renewable. That's the very same energy we offer to our customers.

  • Since the beginning of our journey, we've managed to avoid the emission of 2.3 million tonnes of CO2, and we're committed to the climate objectives set by the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) to keep our planet's temperature increase to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

  • Once again, we've been ranked as the number 1 ESG risk company by Sustainalytics within the sub-industry of independent energy production and trading companies worldwide.

  • We're part of the United Nations Global Compact, aligning our company with the Ten Principles and maximising our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

And many more achievements and commitments related to renewable energy that we want to share with you!

Want to be a part of the biggest community of renewable energy and enjoy 100% green, responsible energy?

Join Holaluz's Rooftop Revolution! We're ready and waiting for you.

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