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Electricity tariffs 100% green for your home

With the Revolution of the Rooftops we are transforming rooftops into sources of 100% green energy for everyone.

You can call us to 900 67 07 07. It's free 😉

A fixed electricity price for your 100% green energy.

No fixed contract. We want you to stay because you want to.

a fair price and an average saving of 10% on your bill in most cases.

Personal attention . We are here if you need us and you can always talk to one person.


How to join Holaluz

Come to Holaluz with these four simple steps.

  • Select your electricity rate.
  • Indicate your supply details.
    We will need your CUPS or your home address.️
  • Review and confirm. We take care of the rest!
Frequently Asked Questions about our Electricity Rates
  • Which electricity rate suits my needs best?

    It depends on how you are! The Fair Rate gives you the peace of mind of always knowing what you will pay, it is a flat rate: no peaks or surprises. If, on the other hand, you are one of the people who prefers to have control and pay only the electricity you have consumed, the Classic rate is made for you.
  • How do I know which is the most suitable power for my home?

    It depends on the electrical appliances you use at the same time. The most common powers are usually between 3.45kW and 5.75kW. In any case, at Holaluz we use technology to adapt the electric power to your needs. So don't overpay! If you still have doubts, you can consult more information.
  • How is my customised Fair Rate quota calculated?

    We study your electricity consumption for the last 12 months to find out how much energy you will consume on average each month when you join Holaluz. For this reason, we can only offer you the Fair Rate if you have a consumption history of more than 12 months."
  • What are the differences between peak, flat and valley hours?

    Whether you are at the Fair rate or Single Price Classic rate, you don't have to worry about time-of-use periods. If you decide on the Single Price Classic Rate, the price of the electricity with Holaluz remains stable throughout the day. If you decide to choose the Justa Rate, you will pay the same every month, without thinking about how much you consume.
  • Is there a minimum contract term with Holaluz's electricity rates

    No! We base our relationship on trust and we don’t want you to be with us if you’re not comfortable. For this reason, there is no permanence in any of our rates.
  • How can I get a discount on my electricity rate?

    At Holaluz we do not believe in discounts or one-off offers. We offer our best possible price and 100% green energy every day of the year.
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