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At Holaluz we offer you two ways to hire electricity for your house: "the standard", in which, as up to now, you will pay for what you consume, and the Fair Rate, in which you pay a flat personalized quota and you are unconcerned with the bill of light while you care about the Planet. We welcome you to the fair energy.

This is our new way of liaising with you: we’re proposing an agreement. It’s not just any agreement – it’s a three-way one: you, us and the Planet. The Fair Rate is the first truly flat electricity rate on the market, whereby you use the energy you need and stop worrying about your electricity bill, without forgetting about the Planet.

This is what we’re proposing: you use the energy you need and we’ll make sure you always pay the same amount, with no unexpected expenses. You can stop worrying about your electricity bill while at the same time helping to protect the Planet. We want you to enjoy your home life without this involving energy wastage or leaving everything switched on for no good reason. At last you can pay a fixed monthly rate for electricity just like you do with your broadband connection.

  • The only personalized flat rate for electricity

  • No settling of accounts at the end of the year

  • No incomprehensible or unexpected electricity bills

  • No tying you down to permanent contracts

  • 100% green energy

These are electricity rates as you’ve always understood them. You contract for a fair and transparent price for the energy you use and, in exchange, you get an electricity bill that reflects this consumption.

If you like to know everything about the price of electricity, you want to get involved in the smart management of your energy use, and you prefer to be in control of your electricity usage, this is the tariff for you.
You pay for what you use and have the peace of mind of knowing that you are always going to pay a Fair Rate for your renewable energy.

  • Pay for what you use

  • No tying you down to permanent contracts

  • We guarantee the same electricity price for at least one year

  • You can choose your preferred payment method

  • 100% green energy

Calculate how much you will pay

Saving is as simple as having a personalized electric rate and adapted to your needs. We use technology and data analysis to always offer you our best option. Join the fair energy.

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