Electricity tariffs for your home

We've got two options for you. There's the Fair Energy Rate (a flat rate), which means you pay a set monthly fee, no matter how much energy you need. Or, you can opt for our Standard Rates, which mean you pay for exactly what you use.

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This is the first flat electricity rate on the market that adapts to you and your needs. You use all the green energy you need, and you pay a flat rate every month. Sounds good?

It's the perfect electricity tariff for anyone who wants to relax and not have to worry about their electricity bill, or avoid any unexpected expenses by paying the same amount every month. We offer the Holaluz flat rate because we know that you're only going to use the green energy you need and that you won't waste it.

Why do we love it?

  • It's 100% renewable energy (so you're doing your bit for the planet without lifting a finger).

  • It's the only personalised flat electricity rate there is.

  • It means that you know exactly what you'll pay every month, with no surprises or nasty bills to pay off.

  • It never penalises you, and you'll never pay any extras.

  • There are no strings attached, and no fixed contracts.

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The electricity tariffs you're used to. You pay for what you use, and can choose your payment method (“Classic” or “No surprises”).

Perfect for anyone who likes to keep a close eye on what they're spending on their electricity bill. They're also great for anyone who wants to work with a company that always offers them the best possible price, adapted to their needs.

What makes them so wonderful?

  • They use pure 100% renewable energy (so you can contribute to a more sustainable world).

  • With these, you pay for what you consume. No more, no less.

  • There are two payment methods, so you can choose the one you like best.

  • They guarantee you the same electricity price (per kWh) for at least a year.

  • There are no strings attached and no fixed contracts.

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How much will you pay?

We’ll let you know in just a few clicks. Hit the button below and we, with the help of technology and data analysis, will see if we can optimise your power, and figure out the best option for you to make savings.

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