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An all-inclusive fixed electricity rate

The Fair Rate is an all-inclusive fixed electricity rate tailored to your consumption, shielding you from fluctuating electricity prices, heat waves or cold snaps. We’ll review your fixed electricity fee every 12 months to guarantee that you always get the right rate for you.

A fixed electricity tariff that’s simple

Everything included in a monthly fee with a fixed electricity price. What does this electricity tariff include in addition to the electricity consumption?

  • Gas cap

  • Bono social subsidy for electricity

  • Metre rental

  • Fixed electricity costs and taxes

  • Electrical fault and household appliance repair service

  • Comprehensive energy consultancy service

  • No fixed period or small print in our fixed electricity rate

A fixed electricity tariff that’s personalized

A fixed electricity tariff that’s personalized

A monthly tariff with a fixed electricity price calculated just for you! How do we do it?

  • By putting all our technology at your service, we get an in-depth understanding of your consumption habits, making the calculation of our electricity tariffs as accurate as possible

  • If, at any time, we pick up on significant changes to your consumption, we'll adjust your electricity tariff to your new needs, whether they've increased or decreased

A fixed electricity tariff that protects

We keep your electricity bills at a safe distance from market uncertainty and volatility. How do we do it?

  • Changes in electricity prices won’t affect you

  • Heat waves and cold snaps don’t impact your bill

A fixed electricity tariff that’s transparent

A fixed electricity tariff that’s transparent

You’re always kept informed about the price of electricity and everything related to your Fair Rate. How do we do it?

  • Access to updated information about your consumption

  • Your contract and conditions of your electricity tariff always in plain sight

  • Every 12 months we’ll review your consumption and the price of electricity and renew your rate: it might stay the same, or go up or down

  • And if you’ve paid too much over the last 12 months, we’ll refund you the difference based on the price of electricity

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How much does energy cost today? Forget all about fluctuations with our fixed rate

Lately, we've all witnessed the continuous changes in fixed electricity prices, leading to instability in the energy market. The volatility of prices has been a cause for concern for everyone, and we're all looking for stability and control over our expenses. And that's why lots of us have been constantly asking ourselves how much electricity costs today, and making decisions based on that in an attempt to protect our bank balances.

With all that uncertainty, Holaluz has a solution that really will protect you: a fixed electricity rate that makes things easy for our clients, giving them peace of mind. When you choose our rate, you'll enjoy a fixed price for your electricity that's stable and predictable, with no unpleasant surprises at the end of the month. With Holaluz, you'll always know that your electricity bill won't suddenly change due to fluctuations in the market. You decide when to use the electricity you need, and we'll make sure you pay the same every month, so that you can spend your time on the things that really matter to you. And your family budget won't get hit by any unexpected surprises. Don't wait for the next scary bill to arrive! Contact us now.

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Calculate your rate and power online

Worried about how to calculate your electricity tariff? At Holaluz, we're here to help you. We know understanding it and calculating the electrical power you need is very important to you, and we want to offer you a personalised solution. One of the main things to take into account when calculating your electricity rate is determining how much electrical power you need for your home. The electrical power you have plays a fundamental role in how much you pay on your bill, as it affects the expenses directly. We're here to help!

More than 45,000 families already trust the Fair Rate

Francesca Blázquez

I like Holaluz because they’ve always tried to find me the best contract, and above all because it’s renewable energy.

Xavi Marín

Green energy at a good price, with no surprises on your bills. Excellent customer service.

Enric y Sonia

They give you advice and quote you a rate. They advised me on the power I had, which was too high. The fixed rate is great for planning your expenses. This is the first time I've ever recommended an electricity provider...

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